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14 May 2015
Lopoís goal against Athletic Club was the first one scored by a defender on this season. The last time in which Deportivo completed a league tournament without the contribution of the defenders was the Segunda season 1981/82.

In recent years the defenders have been important at the moment of scoring goals for Deportivo. From the times with Noureddine Naybet in the 1990ís to more recently with Fabricio Coloccini, Diego Colotto and the same Albert Lopo.

But this season things have been different, the defenders were still scoreless after 35 matchdays despite the effort of defenders like Sidnei Rechel and Juanfran Moreno, the latter is the fourth Deporís player with more shots at the team (32). So, it isnít a problem related to a lack of defenders with the ability to join the attacks, but a problem of a lack of aim.

It was until the visit to Athletic Club that a defender was able to find the net, and it has been a very important contribution as the goal from Lopo at the last minute brought s golden point thatís keeping Deportivo outside of relegation for now.

Itís necessary to go back to the season 1981/82 in order to find a league campaign with zero goals from the defenders. At the time the team was competing at Segunda Divisiůn and none of the eight defenders at the first team were able to score a goal.

The record for the defenders at Depor is to score nine goals in one single season, and that happened twice recently; firstly on the season 2005/06 and later for the campaign 2007/08.

The record of the defenders scoring for Depor within the last decade:

Season Goals Best scorer
2004-05 6 Scaloni (2)
2005-06 9 Capdevila & Juanma (4)
2006-07 7 Capdevila (4)
2007-08 9 Coloccini (4)
2008-09 6 Filipe & Lopo (2)
2010-11 7 Lopo, Aythami & Colotto (2)
2011-12 6 Colotto (3)
2012-13 4 Silvio & Marchena (2)
2013-14 7 Insua & Marchena (3)




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