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15 May 2015
The national court has suspended the strike scheduled for this weekend. The Spanish federation is also naming referees for the matchdays in all the professional leagues, so there will be football.

 As it was expected, the national court suspended the players’ strike scheduled for the weekend. The LFP took the case to this court alleging that it was illegal as the situation denounced by the players wasn’t violating the current agreements signed between the clubs and the players.

The court accepted the demand and suspended the strike, the only condition granted is that the LFP should deposit five million euros as a guarantee, something the LFP did during the afternoon. The Players’ Union (AFE) announced since Wednesday that they were going to obey the decision of the court.

The Spanish federation also accepted the resolution and only one hour later released a statement informing that they are naming referees for the weekend’s games. In this way there will be football in all the professional leagues in Spain. 

The fact that the strike was suspended doesn’t mean that the conflict is over. The AFE and the LFP will continue negotiating in order to solve the inquiries of the players, mainly related to their ambition of reducing their taxes and receiving part of the new TV contracts for their union.

It’s a very delicate subject that will be hard to fix, actually the president of the LFP, Javier Tebas, already stated that it will be difficult to reach agreements, so new measures by the AFE can take place ahead of next season. For now the last two matchdays at Primera and Segunda, plus the last one at Segunda B and Tercera will be played according to the plan.


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