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19 May 2015
The victory had a bittersweet taste for the media in A Coruña despite it was the first in three months; the papers were busier thinking of the next game against FC Barcelona than of what happened against Levante UD.

Deporte Campeón: Now for the carambola.  Deportivo had to win and won. It will face again a complicated situation in the last matchday, day in which it will try to take something positive from the Camp Nou to avoid relegation, but the 'expected' draw by Eibar in Getafe and Granada’s victory in Anoeta complicate the existence for Los Blanquiazules.

At least, and at last, the Galician team won at their stadium and was able to dedicate a victory to the fans, now they eat the few remaining nails in the last league game. Depor closed the game and waited for the end and the results in other fields. The team knows that, by the intricacies of the day, it will have to add, almost certainly, at the Camp Nou. It's what's left, or a real carambola in the league.

La Opinión A Coruña:. Fifty-five minutes, the time Deportivo played with Juan Dominguez on the left wing (I don’t recall seeing Dominguez playing there before) and Salomão on the other side. When both played in their place, something that happened when Juanfran entered and played ahead of Lucas, it was only then when Depor played better. They had more arrival, more chances and the goal of the tranquility was scored.

Both Victor Sanchez and myself were wrong thinking that Levante were coming to lock themselves at the back and play on the counterattack. From the first half only Lopo's goal can be saved. Yes, we had the ball possession, but without creating chances and without arrival. The team played backwards, giving the ball to the defense or the goalkeeper. In a word, it didn’t risk.

In the second half the team continued playing the same until the 20th minute, the coach made the mentioned changes and the team was completely different. With the achievement of the second goal, Depor simply spent the time keeping the result and playing on the counterattack. It did it well, but with only one man in attack. It’s difficult to make damage like that. Luis Rodríguez Vaz

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo doing the homework. The agonizing situation of Deportivo is even preventing to scream with all its strength the first victory in fifteen games. The Galician team won before Levante as it was required, but the result of Granada in Anoeta is forcing them to at least add a point at the Camp Nou during the final day of the season. Depor did the homework at the Riazor, embraced by the blue and white tide, it had enough with goals from Lopo (again decisive) and Juanfran to break its bad historic run and stay alive in the fight against relegation. Barca as champions, will be the privileged witness of the last battle of a Deportivo without resources, but stubborn regarding staying alive on a weekly basis.

So with the situation at the standings as supported by the fans, pressing by the need of salvation and without excuses while it was sheltered by the largest mobilization on this season, Deportivo were facing Levante with this strange alchemy of football mixing fear and excitement in equal measure. There was no saving net against the team of Alcaraz, which according to their casualties and the style of their coach stood with a line of five and another of four to arm themselves at the Riazor and add the point needed for the permanence. Deportivo, anemic of football all year long, held in recent weeks with a plan and Victor Sánchez prepared one different this time as he could not afford to start losing again. And that change was to see the eternal promise Salomão getting the spot of Juanfran. Levante forget about the ball and Depor put pressure from the starting whistle. A point will leave Depor at Primera after a lot of sweat. Miguel Piñeiro

Marca: One more life for Depor. Deportivo played for everything. At the end Lopo and Juanfran have been the heroes, but you cannot reproach any player. They have left everything on the field. These two goals and the three points are worth gold for Depor. The Galicians reach the final matchday with 34 points, two above Eibar and Almería and marking the relegation. Just missing the last test before a Barca already league champions. Victor’s team needs to add, because a victory would mean disaster for them.

For its part, Levante left a bad impression in the first half, time when they gave almost all the possession to Depor. There was a change of attitude in the second part, but failed to give trouble to Deportivo’s goal. Only once Fabricio had to strive to clear with the fists an attempt from Casadesús. Ángel Moya

AS: Lopo and Juanfran give a respite to Depor and Levante are saved. Riazor didn’t failed and it was filled to live a full party, because both Levante and Deportivo reached their targets. The Galicians conquered the victory ending fourteen consecutive games without adding the three points and leave them outside the relegation zone ahead of the final day, although with the threat of playing at the Camp Nou despite Barca are already the champions. For Levante too, because the results of the day served to certify the mathematical salvation. The defeats are never good, but a loss like the one lived yesterday leaves a good taste in the mouth. Luis de La Cruz

Las Provincias: Levante is allied with the permanence. It’s already achieved, you can finally breathe; the fans can see their team for the sixth consecutive season in Primera Division. The permanence is a mathematical fact, although this Levante had to suffer as much as during this whole distressing season. It was enough the defeat at the Riazor, because neither Almería nor Eibar were able to win and they cannot reach Los Azulgrana.

Because Levante not only played in one field, but in four and so it paid less attention to its game, a match in which it never had a chance of winning against a nervous but hungrier Deportivo. Virtually it didn’t complete a shot throughout the game and the Galicians had enough with a little push to take three golden points which must be endorsed at the Camp Nou. José Molins



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