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21 May 2015
Solid season from Cadete A though they could only end second at the standings, just behind RC Celta. They were also eliminated from Copa Coca Cola. After last year’s great performance the squad was filled with players coming from the B squad.

Deportivo Cadete A play at División de Honor (group 1, Galician group). This league represents the highest level of the Spanish football league system for youth players 17 years old and under. Since two seasons ago the champions plus the runners-up of all the groups, 18 in Spain, play a final round sponsoring by Coca Cola. This final round has several phases; the first one is the Galician stage.

Depor’s lads won the last two Galician tournaments and last season they were crowned as champions in Spain, so the expectations were high with this team, though twelve of the players at that squad were promoted to Juvenil B for this campaign, reason why sixteen lads were also promoted from Cadete B in order to fill the gaps. In addition, there was some controversy at the beginning of the season after Jaime Sánchez was fired, the argument was that the club needed coaches committed to the job the 100% of the time. Jaime Paz was named as coach of the team.

Very good season for Cadete A, pretty similar to the previous tournament. Last year the team made 89 points, only one more than in the previous campaign. The big difference is that it was only enough to end second, because Celta Cadete A made a great season too winning 30 of the 34 games in the roster (93 points).

Cadete A added 28 victories and only dropped points in six games (4 draws and 2 losses). The two defeats came in controversial matches played at Abegondo. The first was the derby against Celta (Dec 06); Depor’s lads were winning 2-1, but were reduced to ten players in the first half and ended losing 2-4.

The second was a defeat hosting sixth place Val Miñor (0-1, Feb 28) with the referee also making weird decisions. For the final part on the season the team chained nine straight victories, including a refreshing 0-2 vengeance against Celta at A Madroa (April 9, their only loss on the season), but it wasn’t enough to end at the top of the standings.

With this good form Depor reached the Galician stage in Copa Coca Cola and suffered an early elimination despite not losing any game. What happened is that the team only got two draws facing Pontevedra CF (1-1) and RC Celta (2-2). Again Los Blanquiazules ended behind Celta as the latter defeated a much weaker CD Conxo in their other game (there are four teams in each group and only two games are played by each side).

The derby in Copa Coca Cola (2-2)

Top scorer Manu Mosquera

Nico Manteiga during a league game against Pabellón

Álex Boedo

Víctor Eimil, voted the best youth player in Lugo during the summer

Without doubt all the eyes are upon the trident in attack. Together Manuel Mosquera (22), Álex Boedo (21) and Víctor Eimil (20) scored the 60% of the goals on the season. Mosquera and Boedo are coming from Cadete B, team where both scored 21 goals on last season. Meanwhile, Emil was signed during the summer coming from Racing Vilalbés after been named as the best prospect in Lugo during last year.

The best part about the trident is that coach Paz has used them in different positions, which is usual at this age, with Boedo normally performing as a right winger, and with Mosquera able to perform as a centre forward but also as a playmaker. The trio could stay one more season at the team and their arrival to the Juveniles level will be followed closely.

There are interesting lads in other positons. In the defense, the goalkeeping positon was shared between Esteban García and Martín Becerra. Two lads shining in defense are Joel López and Rubén Sande. The first is a solid centre-back living a second year at the club and that made six appearances at the upper team, Juvenil B. The second is a former striker that used to score a lot of goals at the younger teams and that now performs as a centre-back/centre midfielder.

Other defenders at the team with an important participation were Mexican centre-back Ynbal Colmenares, Nicolas Mantelga, plus full-backs Daniel Cupeiro and Pablo Sanchez. Mantelga was the lad with more minutes in the regular season (2,089).

There are also interesting players at midfield, starting with Alex Pais 'Sito', an offensive midfielder that was the fourth best scorer at the team (7). Anton Concheiro was another lad with a solid performance, usually acting as a centre midfielder. The attacking line could be marked by the trident Boedo-Mosquera-Eimil, but there are other two wingers that shone: Sergio Ortuño and Álvaro Otero, the latter scored seven times and brought depth on the left wing.

Good performance, but not enough to equal the success of last season. Still, Cadete A maintained the status from the previous campaign in terms of results and growth of its players. The team had a solid record and didn’t pass the first round in the Coca Cola tournament despite not losing any game. A lot is expected from the trident in attack.





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