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25 May 2015
Big joy in A Coruña after Deportivo secured the permanence with a comeback at the Camp Nou. Víctor said that the key was the mental strength of the players and their desire to seize the opportunity.

Coach Víctor Sánchez arrived to the press room calmed after celebrating with the players, “Just imagine the party inside the changing room. I didn’t even find my clothes [he showed up to the press room without the tie and wearing Manuel Pablo’s shirt] It couldn’t be otherwise than wearing the one of Manuel Pablo, the flag of Galicia, and it’s a party. Just like all the people that traveled here and the people that’s on the street in A Coruña. “We are enchanted for bringing this joy. “

He emphasized the state of mind of the players to overcome the situation, “Our fans have a slogan: This crowd never surrenders. We added the part that this team never surrenders. We demonstrated it in every field and in every game. We never gave up in any game and knew how to suffer. This is our reward for the work done. The players deserved it. They made a big sacrifice and demonstrated a magnificent state of mind to know how to resolve tough situations like today’s game. I’m trilled for them and for the fans. It’s a great joy to see how they are now enjoying after all the tension that was accumulated.”

“I remember before the game a question regarding how to manage the tension when you are facing a game of life and death, and I said that it wasn’t a game of life and death. We see it as a fantastic and precious opportunity offered to us, players and coaches, by football. It’s a chance we always dreamed since been a child. To be able to live games like this, facing an important team, in an impressive environment and playing for important things. We depended on ourselves and the team earned the chance to reach this point, not with the menace of seeing the game like a matter of life and death. Our strategy wasn’t to go out and face Barcelona one on one. We had to manage the game as we understood it was the best way to add points.” He added.

The Madrilenian was explaining the planned tactic for the game, “Barcelona is a team that, according to our view, we cannot discuss the ball possession to them, and we worked in order to prepare a solid withdrawal. The two goals that we leaked came in counterattacks, something that we tried to prevent. We prevented to see Barcelona having all those chances that they normally create. We are upset because we allowed the goals in two counterattacks. We also had a plan B in case of allowing goals and it is what we have done.  The others teams left us for dead and even this matchday was rested from the calendar, it was believed that Deportivo weren’t going to achieve the goal as it was facing the top teams within the last matchdays and the players never surrendered. They deserve this joy.”

Finally, Víctor explained the meaning for him of saving Deportivo, “Beyond contracts and other matters, in the presentation at Abegondo I said that my emotional link with this club is beyond anything else. For me it’s something huge, because this club has gave me a lot of things, it is unforgettable to have the chance to debut as a coach on here. It’s special.”

The ecstasy lived by the players was evident. They celebrated the permanence on the pitch and later inside the changing room. Celso Borges commented that, “I'm feeling satisfied and saying that I'm content is to fell short. It was impressive. The game doesn't end until the fat lady sings. It can happen anything in a game. The first goal brought oxygen as we realized that we were only one goal away, one shot, one error to seize. We needed guts.”

Juan Dominguez confirmed that he has reached a verbal agreement to extend his contract and later said that, “I’m very happy and am feeling with a tremendous sense of relief. We saw that everything was black with the 2-0, but we made a tactical change, we were more aggressive and sought for the goal. It was a complicate season and now the feelings are great. It's a day to celebrate with the fans.”

The midfielder was also emotive recalling the game, “This is impressive. I’s something to be very content. It couldn’t been more suffered the fact of clinching the permanence, but it’s better like this. The scenario was perfect. I am just keeping the clothes as a trophy. Anything is possible and today’s event are unforgettable.”

Álex Bergantiños was commenting the keys to clinch the permanence, “We made a couple of miracles, the one at San Mamés and today’s one. The team fought until the final moment knowing that we didn’t do the right things. We saw that things were complicated after their second goal, but later we gave more and to steal the ball possession made us to believe even more.”

Later the midfielder was emphasizing the role of Fabricio on this season, “It was a season with a lot of suffering. The team fought until the end and we achieved something fundamental. After the game I embraced Fabricio, who also lived badly the year, those are unforgettable moments. Fabricio saved us from the relegation, he has matured and made an incredible year. I hope we can keep him for many years.”

Lucas Pérez, who scored the first goal, confessed that the players were crying inside the changing room, “I’m very content. Salomão’s goal was crazy. When they scored the 2-0 I saw that things were complicated, but were able to stand up and clinch the goal. A lot of partners were crying, I barely was able to celebrate it, I just was there assimilating it. Now I’m on vacation after a tough year and we will talk of the future later.”

Albert Lopo was saying that a helpful fact was the more passive attitude by Barcelona, “We knew how to wait for our moment, but truly Barca was below their habitual level and it was favourable to us.” The Catalan also commented that he talked to Xavi during the game, “I told him [Xavi] that they should be looser, also that the draw was good for all. They are pretty competitive and neither told me that they were going to give the game for free.”

Oriol Riera entered in the second half and commented that, “I am happy for clinching the goal for the season. We suffered, but it was possible. I want to congratulate all the Deportivistas because you deserve this reward.”

President Tino Fernández almost cried at the stand watching the equalizer; he commented that, “It was exciting. Truly things were very complicated with the 2-0 and with the 2-2 I was emotional. I’m fan of Deportivo and the tears showed up. This is one of those games that will be remembered for a long time, the start of a phase in which things should improve.”

"Somehow we can look to the future with optimism. This year, staying at Primera, we have the misfortune of the murder of Jimmy, but we have clinched the permanence and in the economic side we have improved and saved a match-ball.”  He added.

Minutes after the final whistle the party was unleashed in A Coruña; the fans went out to the street; the main concentration took place, as always, at Cuatro Caminos. The first team took a late plane and arrive at midnight to A Coruña. Players like and Lopo didn’t travel back to the city as they already started their vacation period. The players that returned made a short trip to Cuatro Caminos to salute the fans that were there.



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