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01 Jun 2015
Dramatic game at Abegondo, Depor B took the lead, but the Basques caressed the pass until the last minute. Fabril pass the round with Sam Piette and Iago López as the best players in the game.

Captain Adrián Martínez was out suspended and coach Manu Mosquera had to make a change at his habitual 4-2-3-1 lineup. Toni Insua was the chosen one, the rest was the same team of the first-leg.

David Gómez was the keeper, Toni Insua was the right-back defender, Jorge Fernández performed on the left side, the centre-backs were Iago López and Róber Suárez. Sam Piette and Álvaro Queijeiro were the centre midfielders, Ángel Fernández was attacking from the right wing, Miguel Cardoso did it from the left, Marcos Remeseiro was the playmaker and Dani Iglesias was the centre forward.

At SCD Durango, coach Igor Núñez made changes at midfield compared to the first leg. But continued trusting in Adrián Abasolo and Adrián Mallagaray as the main threats in attack.

Due to the away goal rule, Depor only needed a 1-0 win, while a 2-1 was going to take the match to extra time. Fabril hadn’t lost a playoff game at home since 1994 (0-3 Vs. Aranjuez CF). Abegondo was full for the game, some fans even had to watch the game from another stand. President Tino Fernández and the first team coach Víctor Sánchez Del Amo watched the match.

Dramatic game as it was resolved until the end. Both sides had clear their roles at every moment. Fabril pushed when it needed to score, while Durango were playing on the counterattack. With the 1-0 the Galicians continued pushing, but at the middle of the second part the visitors increased the pressure and were close to score, the post and David Gómez saved the situation until Fabril scored the second goal at the last second.

Fabril dominated the game since the kick-off. At minute 5, Remeseiro had the first chance to score as he was close to steal the ball before keeper Ibon Barandiaran, in the next play Cardoso completed the first shot on target with a low attempt that was blocked by the visiting goalie.

In the following minutes Depor B weren’t reaching the goal as they were missing the passes, the lads were nervous while the Basques were causing some problems with their counterattacks, though without having a clear chance to score. In this moment in the game Sam Piette and Iago López began to shine, both were blocking the rival’s game with the Canadian practically acting as a third centre-back.

Then the locals had a double chance to score. It was a counterattack with Iago López assisting Cardoso, the shot from the winger was saved by Ibon, the rebound was found by Ángel, but his final attempt was saved at the goal line by Asier Etxebarria (17’).

Despite this opportunity, Depor’s lads were having problems to create opportunities; Ángel and Jorge were pretty active on the sides, but their crosses were always cleared by the defence. But then Depor B found the first goal. Ángel released a cross from the right and Marcos Remeseiro scored with a beautiful deflection with the heel.

The goal changed the tide, because now Depor B were passing to the next round and Durango were eliminated. But the attitude didn’t change and the Basques were holding on while the Galicians were the ones attacking. The best chance before the pause was a new cross from Ángel that didn’t met Cardoso as a rival cleared the danger first.

The drama came in the second part, because Durango pushed and had clear chances to tie the game. At the same time Fabril sought for the second goal and it was weird that there were no goals in this half until the stoppage time.

What Durango did was to switch the draw with the entry of Mikel Abad ‘Toti’ while Manu Mosquera reinforced midfield with the entry of Santi Taboada and Juan López, but also sought for speed in attack with the entry of Cañi.

Precisely Cañi had a clear chance to score in a one-on-one play before Ibon that was saved by the goalkeeper (64’), before David Gómez had already made the first big save in the game before Adrián Abasolo (54’). Fabril’s goalie had a calmed first half, but in the second he was crucial. His second save was made at minute 73, this time before Mallagaray.

Cardoso and Remeseiro, the most determinant players all season long, weren’t factors in this game, so it wasn’t strange to see Manu Mosquera replacing them for the final ten minutes. The coach tried to calm down the actions, but the opposite occurred. Because the real drama came within the last ten minutes and the stoppage time, with both sides having clear opportunities.

At minute 82, Fabril should have scored the second goal. Iago López hit the post and in the next play Dani Iglesias should have scored, but his shot was saved by Ibon (82’). That goal should have killed the game, but Durango were alive and had two clear chances to tie the game and change the tide again, but they missed aim and luck.

At minute 90, Abasolo inexplicably missed the target from close range and one minute later the same player hit the crossbar in a direct free-kick. Fabril were really lucky to not concede a deadly goal and even managed to score in the stoppage time. The goal came in a counterattack, with Queijeiro assisting Dani Iglesias, who just had to push the ball in. And Durango were close to take the game to extra time as in the last play Mallagaray appeared again to shot from close range, but David Gómez showed up to make his third save sending the ball to corner-kick, only then the party was unleashed at Abegondo.

Fabril suffered until the end after not been able to kill the game before, but it’s also true that it was lucky as Durango missed clear chances to tie the game and even to score in the last play, something that would have taken the match to extra time. Iago López and Sam Piette were the best players, while Jorge Fernández and Ángel also had a great game. Fabril passed the round with a 3-2 aggregate score. The draw for the second round will take place on Monday.

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez – Toni Insua, Iago, Róber, Jorge – Piette, Queijeiro – Ángel (Cañi 63’), Remeseiro (Taboada 74’), Cardoso (Juan López 80’) – Dani Iglesias
Durango: (4-2-3-1) Ibon - Asier (Julen 82’), Txapu (Totti 62’), Elgue, Tito (Jon Gallarza 70’) - Ekaitz, Gorka - Aitor, Adrián Abasolo, Lander - Adrián Mallagarai.
Goals: 1-0: (26’) Remeseiro, 2-0: (90+2’) Dani Iglesias
Referee: Hernández Cifuentes.  He showed yellow card to Juan López, Ekaitz, Gorka & Lander.
Venue: Abegondo (3,000)



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