04 Jun 2015
Tino FernŠndez conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the president talked of the season that has ended, the signing for the new campaign and the financial situation of the club.

Q: The line that separates failure from success is as thin as a draw in the last game, what failed in the planning?
A: In the end, indeed, there are few details that mark the final result, but surely it can be applied to other teams that have competed with us. No matter things could have been done better, and always aspiring to make them better, Deportivo was the 16th in the salary cap and ended 16th at the standings. In the end, the relationship money and final position is very direct, with some exceptions. With this in mind, I donít claim that everything we have done in the planning was good, no. We have to improve, change a few things in the planning, managing different times. It will be like that.

Q: Will you then change the criteria for recruiting players?
A: At the moment of building up squads it isnít the same to sign than to make a squad, and maybe we have to look more into the mix, into the combination. Maybe in the aspect of meeting the players, to know how to handle it in critical situations, we didnít do it well and itís one facet to deepen and improve. There are times, as the end of the league, with a lot of tension, which takes a lot of mental strength, not necessarily linked to the game. You have to change the things and we are doing that.

Q: Fernando Vidal is the head of the sporting area, what about his work?
A: Fernando is a counselor. On the board we all have a preferred area, but all are more or less involved in all the subjects. Itís clear that Fernando will continue as head of the sporting area, yes.

Q: How do you valorize his work?
A: He has been doing very well. I insist that we started at Segunda, climbed to Primera and now we have stayed there. I think that he did a great job and also with the academy, it will bring benefits in the longer term. We are recognized by the parents, coaches and the rest of football in Galicia. Which is not to say that there is no room for improvement and he also sees it like that. Functions, distribution of functions, organization, information management, preparation of the squad, clearly the mix of players must be other and the tempos of the transfers must be different.

Q: When speaking of the mixture, are you talking of the loaned players and players in property?
A: Indeed. And also in the way of being with other persons. In the USA it is done like that. I'd like to personally meet those who will come, but to know how they are, not how they play. How they are is important when it comes to managing difficult situations and at Deportivo we manage this all the time. Sometimes you have to weigh that mix well. And this doesnít mean that we have to reproach to anyone for the squad of this year, because everyone has left something in order to succeed. In that sense, itís well to weigh everything, character, age, signed or loaned, and even their personal situation.

Q: Will the sporting structure change, will there be a technical director, will it disappear the duo Barral-Bello?
A: We will inform about the chart clearly, but people are the same. The debate is on the functions and areas, not people, it is the functions, the organizational structure and hierarchy, information management. The debate of the people doesnít exist, whatever has been said.

Q: Is VŪctor SŠnchez del Amo the coach of the future?
A: I hope so. My desire is to not have to sign any coach again, with that phrase I say everything.

Q: What have you seen in him?
A: I saw talent, I saw an enormous capacity for work, a lot of enthusiasm, which is one of the keys to success, sportsmanship and of course, a great person. Hopefully our problem in the future, and I already told him, will be to hold him when he can have offers for his success here.

Q: Are you going to keep Fabricio and Lucas?
A: If it is for me they will stay. We have to play with the money we have. What we cannot promise is what we cannot fulfill and get into dynamics that... Also, today the books are specially guarded. I hope they could stay and if I have to bet then I would say that Lucas and Fabricio will stay, but we must close the subject. This is like the games that last ninety minutes. When itís closed, we will see. I would be happy.

Q: Will VŪctor have almost the full squad available early in July?
A: I hope so. Iím confident that most of the squad will be closed at the time of starting the pre-season.

Q: What is your balance of you time at Deportivo?
A: Positive. In a sporting sense, we achieved the promotion and the permanence, something that the last few times we didnít achieve and that, in view of what has happened to the team that got promoted with us, itís not easy. On the economic side, it was and remains a major concern, we ended the year with benefits; we reduced debt and began the transformation of the club.

Q: Depor end the year with profits, how do you explain to the fans that you havenít invested more on the squad?
A: Itís very easy. The economic control of the league, approved by everyone and with which I agree, it prevents us spending more of what we have spent. We've been on the edge, we could have even increased it a little and make changes during the winter. In the remaining items we have been quite austere, even in general expenses we had a reduction of 1.7 million. This is what we need to do over the next 15 or 20 years, because in the end the debt is huge. Surely the economic situation of Depor is the worst of all the clubs in relation to the income that it is generated. This exercise requires economically skills to maximize the income and later spend less, it is what it is for a long time. We live in an economy of war and it will continue for a long time.

Q: You talk of a view as if the goal in the future is very similar to the one on this campaign.
A: The same. Let's say that is central for the future. Of course, I hope to suffer less. We have the budget we have and that leads us to be in the fight. Today the war is economic. We were 16 in terms of money and we ended in the 16th place, it isnít coincidence. Usually it is the case, with logical exceptions. We need to get more income, to be more on the field and people could see that money goes directly to the squad. If we raise more fertilizer it will be more to the players. That is fundamental, because here all the money goes to the club, no one stays with one euro. Everything is for the staff and pay the debt.

Q: Any new project?
A: We continue very active in seeking sponsorship for the stadium; we have had conversations, but certainly it was conditioned to stay at Primera. We will try to keep improving the infrastructure, both in Abegondo and the Riazor, with scoreboards of a higher quality and size, also to try to cover the athletics track so everything will be green. We will continue reinforcing the base project, where we are doing a great job, although with a long maturation. And to continue paying debt and reduce it. To generate income, spend little and fulfill the compromises. Those are the keys. One of the things that I am most proud is how Depor are perceived today in the world of football: a serious club that fulfills its obligations. Now they want to work with us.

Q: How is it going the capital increase?
A: Let's now close the first phase and will soon make a balance. It has not gone well. There are five months pending for the current shareholders and we will try to give a new impulse. The extension needs social peace and sadly it passed a Tuesday and by Sunday it occurred what happened in Madrid. But itís good for Deportivo and it's an acquired commitment.

Q: If the possibility that the television contract can be advanced succeeds, what will be the percentage to raise the budget?
A: Less than 10%. We are waiting for some things, some of importance. You can also increase the salary cap restructuring the debt.

Q: Are you talking of the possibility to sell debt with the Treasury?
A: There is a project of the League and we are also working on the same line. But we must analyze it, see how it affects the taxes, for example.

Q: You still havenít signed the agreement with the banks.
A: For our part itís all closed. I think that today there are occurring meetings between the banks and the Treasury. We have to thank Abanca and Sabadell-Galego. When we needed them, they were there.

Q: Whatís the message you want to send?
A: That we must keep believing in Deportivo. Itís complicated to have another year with more difficult circumstances than this. We have made an important step this year, the previous too. The next would be important to consolidate the project and would be the last in which it will affect us the television money that was previously spent. We must continue to have the fans as our greater asset. I am extremely proud of them.

Q: What is the target of socios for the new year?
A: If we can reach 25,000 then it would be nice, but better 30,000. I can say that people over 65 will enjoy of discounts at any stand and there will be more changes that will be informed.

Q: Do you already know why two or three thousand socios arenít attending to the stadium?
A: I recognize that at the beginning it seemed strange, but maybe it isnít. I consider myself a very good Deportivista, but eventually every year one can miss a few games, which represents 10% of the season; There are people who buy the card, but donít go; and others that are taking advantage of the fact that the card is affordable and they have several and not always use all of them. In any case, the assistance was good on this season, it is the second best attendance in the last ten years. Only the last season at Primera beat the current.

Q: Are you satisfied with the board of directors or do you think you need any addition, some new impulse?
A: I'm very pleased and very grateful, because for nothing, only Deportivismo and love for the club, everyone is putting many hours, keeping the hope in a difficult season.

Q: What has football taught you in the last year and a half?
A: I've learned that the joys last too little. We must celebrate them while you can. Globally, it compensates, but there are many days in which you end upset. The joys are short, but I still have the same enthusiasm as at the beginning.



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