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06 Jun 2015
Bello, Barral and Vidal talked during the press conference held to announce the renewal of Juan Dominguez. The trio talked of signings and confirmed that Juanfran and Cavaleiro won0t continue at Deportivo.

The announcement of Juan Dominguez’s renewal was useful to other things apart of confirming the continuity of the midfielder. Because the trio that directs the signings and the composition of the squad at Deportivo were present during the press conference.

Ernesto Bello (technical secretary), Richard Barral (planning advisor) and Fernando Vidal (sporting advisor) talked to reporters and answered many key questions regarding the movements made in the market.

Prior to the press conference it must be clarified some issues. On Friday, Sportpaper Deporte Campeón informed that president Tino Fernández himself was traveling to Portugal in order to negotiate the continuity of Cavaleiro and Sidnei, while the club was linked with moves for Sevilla’s left-back Fernando Navarro plus Getafe’s midfielders Pedro Mosquera and Mehdi Lahcen.

Bello, Vidal and Barral with Juan Dominguez during the press conference

The following is a summary of the main things said by the trio:

Vidal: “The three of us, and the president too, are very competitive people. I would give six points to us. I believe the salvation was the big goal. If the demotion of Elche is finally confirmed then we would end 15th, a position we all would have signed before starting the league. It was a complicate league in a social and sporting sense. The big joy is that we are here, at Primera and we must learn from errors. We must have self-criticism too, but if with all the previous conditions you don’t commit errors then you are always divine. I heard the comment that errors were committed, but we cannot forgive the point where we started. We must pay what we owe. We also increased the salary cap, which was eight million by June and we used all. Later we received more income and for that reason we were able to make signings at the end.”

Bello: “It’s logical that people are asking for responsibilities. The planning at Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético Madrid and Valencia is much easier than on here. We are coming from difficult seasons, with relegations and promotions, so we needed to sign fourteen players. If you make fourteen signings then you have more chances to fail than when you make twelve, and more than when you make seven and four. When we go to the market we cannot sign what we want, because for the conditions at the club we weren’t able to do it. After Andrés Guardado, the first player for whom we are paying is Saúl from Racing. We have fewer resources. We have several limitations, for example we had a player signed last season and he left after been told that Deportivo weren’t paying. And this isn’t an excuse, because these are the conditions of everyone.”

Barral: “As you know Pedro Mosquera is from here [A Coruña]. He made a great season at Elche, but the news that we have is that he has been signed by an important club. They paid a transfer for him. That’s the news that we have. He could be an interesting player for us, I won’t say yes or no, what I won’t do is to talk of the players that are in negotiations with us. The news that we have is that a transfer is about to be paid for him. Don’t know the name of the club.”

Bello: “Juanfran is totally ruled out. As you know he was loaned by Watford, but he won’t even play at Watford. He will play in an important club, but we don’t know the name. Meanwhile Cavaleiro is pending to be bought by a club from there [Portugal]. Sidnei, as you know Benfica changed the coach two days ago and now must wait for the conclusions to be made by the new coach, Riera? He’s pending to solve his situation with Wigan.”

Vidal: “No, he isn’t traveling to Portugal.”

Bello: “I will reveal information with the permission of the advisor: yesterday we tried to sign a player. [Barral interrupts to say: “a very important player from a big club”] He wants to play at Deportivo, but when that player arrived to ask for his freedom he was told that they had to wait as its only day two.”

Bello: “We also ask ourselves why they didn’t play. The issue with Costa: In December we had the money that we had, so we had to make an adjustment. At that moment Salomão, Fariña, Postiga and Lucas were injured. The doctors said it was a matter of time. So, the coach [Víctor Fernández] asked for a player and we went to the market. We aren’t blaming the coach, but in this club we always ask the coach first. The coach gave the okay and now we will have a problem with Benfica, because the player didn’t come to be a starter, but to participate. He didn’t play in the end. The coach said that he was a player bringing things, but later he didn’t use him.”

Bello: “It's a similar case, but with different issues. We had an agreement with a Greek player [Georgios Tzavellas]. The contract was almost signed after been chasing Ramis. We were looking for a fourth centre-back, not a starter. The coach was happy with the fourth centre-back; it was only a matter of numbers. If the boy came and later the coach didn’t use him, then there’s an issue. There are teams when the fourth centre-back doesn’t have a minute, on here before we had the sixth centre-back playing. Remember that Insua and Roderick were starters against Atlético, they were the fifth and the sixth centre-backs at the time. I will reveal another number: both players cost 100,000 euros.”

Bello: “He is part of the roster for the pre-season, at least in the beginning, though he’s pending to talk with the president first. It’s an issue that must be decided with the coach. For now Manuel Pablo has a contract as an advisor of the president.”

Barral: “The issue with Lucas is public. We tried to buy him, but the negotiations have bene hard. There is no agreement yet, but it’s true that we are trying to convert him into a player for the future. The main problem is to pay for him. The problem is that part of the money goes to Carpaty. The main problem is there.”

Bello: “We want to count with him, but for now nothing is done.”

Bello: “There are no offers for him.”

Bello: “We won’t talk of them. They are players under contract and cannot say anything of them. I won’t say yes and neither that no.”

Bello: “Teles, Seoane and Luis Fernández are the loaned players that must join the team during the pre-season.”

Bello: “The negotiations have been long; actually we started before he started to play. Fabricio has a renewal offer, but others came talking to him about possible offers. The fact is that he is under contract and we don’t have offers for him. Since that point there’s a clause and he won’t go out if they don’t pat the clause. For now there are no offers for Fabricio.”

Vidal: “We have been talking with his agent, he has contract until June 30 of 2016. I know that he has offers, but only if he is free to leave. We won’t allow him to leave no matter the financial situation of the club. What the intention of the club? To see Fabricio renewing for three or four more seasons. We are on that, we presented an important offer and now there’s a break to see him thinking of it. He is a very important player for the board and our biggest hope is to see him continuing.”



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