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07 Jun 2015
The club ended the season with 24,245 socios; the average attendance at the Riazor was 20,498 (the 10th best in la liga). The club presented a full report regarding the composition of the socios.

During the week Deportivo presented the full report of the socios. First to all the club ended the campaign with 24,245 socios, that’s an increase of 6.6% compared to last season and at the same time it means more than 1,000 socios less compared to the previous season at Primera (25,288).

President Tino Fernández said during the week that the club’s official are happy with this number and that the club will try to repeat the mark on the following campaign, though he also confessed the desire to the return to the 30,000 season subscribers, number only reached in the years of the Champions League.

The club’s report points out that Deportivo collected €5.8 million with the incomes coming from the season subscribers. The budget presented at the end of 2014 was expecting to collect €5.25 million in this department, so the target was covered.

About the composition of the season subscribers, 76% of the socios are men (18,545), while only 5,137 are women. An interesting stat presented by the club is that 5,591 were new socios, which means the highest number in the history of the club. The previous record was the 3,884 new subscribers of the campaign 2010/11.

The evolution of the socios in recent years:

Season Socios
2003-2004 30,800
2004-2005 29,500
2005-2006 25,000
2006-2007 23,000
2007-2008 20,000
2008-2009 21,000
2009-2010 17,000
2010-2011 16,000
2011-2012 25,589
2012-2013 25,288
2013-2014 22,752
2014-2015 24,245

The average attendance at the Riazor during the Primera campaign was 20,498. It was the 10th best at Primera División. It means that the 59% of the stadium capacity was used during the season, a decent number taking in mind the difficult situation lived during the campaign.

Last season the average attendance was 22,281, which means that the attendance was lower in 8% compared to the campaign at Segunda División. It something logical taking in mind the social rupture lived after the death of Jimmy.

This situation is confirmed by the fact that the lower attendances of the season took place in the following two games after the meeting at the Calderón stadium: Málaga CF (16,662; December 6) and Elche CF (14,167, December 15). Meanwhile the best attendances on the season took place for the derby against RC Celta (30,334; February 21) and then in the closing game at the Riazor against Levante UD (30,251; May 17).



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