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23 Oct 2006
Deportivo has conquered four consecutive wins at home, in this way the Galician squad is basing its campaign in Riazor. 86% of the points have been achieved at home (12), and it seems that Riazor will return to be one of the most strong fortress in Primera At least is a place feared by the Madrilians clubs.

Only Deportivo, Valencia and Sevilla have won their first four home games during the present season. This fact is important for a team like Deportivo. Firstly, because the two past campaigns were really poor for the Galician side, Depor conquered only six home victories in each one of the past two seasons, a fact that contributed to end out of the European positions.

It's also important for the morale of the players, taking in mind that the team is inexperienced and very young, the support that the players feel for the fact of been at home is a crucial aspect in order to have a positive season. A situation that can be also deducted seeing the results of Deportivo away from Riazor: only two draws and one defeat.

The four consecutive home victories represents an unseen fact during the last couple of years, the last long rally of wins at home occurred between the seasons 2002/2003 and 2003/2004. On that opportunity Deportivo accumulated six consecutive victories between matchday 36 of the season 2002/2003 and matchday 08 of the 2003/2004 campaign: Vs Atl?ętico Madrid (3-2), Vs. Espanyol (2-1), Vs. Athletic Bilbao (2-0), Vs. Albacete (3-0), Vs. Atl?ętico Madrid (5-1) and Vs. Valencia (2-1).

And this mark of six consecutive wins at home will be hard to surpass. The champions of la liga, Barcelona, are the next ones visiting Depor's stadium. And after that Celta will return to Riazor in order to play a new edition of the Galician derby. In any case Deportivo is basing its campaign in Riazor and seems compromised with the fact of achieving the bigger number of points at home. Until now the best home record in Primera occurred on the season 1999/2000 (the one of the championship), on that opportunity Depor won sixteen matches at home and the squad only lost eight points in Riazor (one defeat and two draws).

Another interesting fact is that Deportivo hasn't allowed goals during the last three home games (Vs. Villarreal 2-0, Vs. Real Sociedad 2-0, Vs. Atl?ętico Madrid 1-0). This situation hasn't occurred since the 2001/2002 campaign, on that opportunity Depor conquered three consecutive clean sheets at the Riazor, games that were played between the matchdays 16 and 21: Vs. Valencia 1-0, Vs. Betis 2-0 and Vs. Las Palmas 1-0.

Maybe the most surprising statistic that has appeared during the last days is the poor record of the Madrilians clubs in Riazor playing for la liga. The last win of a club from the capital in Depor's stadium occurred on March 18th, 1995 (0-1 Vs. Atl?ętico Madrid). Since then four teams have visited Riazor in 29 occasions and nobody has been able to obtain a victory. This four teams are: Rayo Vallecano, Getafe, Real Madrid and Atl?ętico Madrid.

Of this 29 matches, 18 have ended with the victory of the local side and 11 were draws. Depor has scored 60 goals and has only allowed 23. Maybe the most surprising case is the one of Real Madrid. Los G??lacticos don't win a match in Riazor since the year 1991 (0-3). That means fifteen years without enjoying the sweet taste of a win in  La Coru?▒a.

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