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10 Jun 2015
Deportivo’s president addressed the media on Tuesday. He explained several things, from the pre-season to the situation with the increase of the club’s capital. He also confirmed that Wilk won’t continue at the club.

President Tino Fernández conceded a press conference on Tuesday. The act was used to present the new sponsor of the club: insurance company Reale Seguros (deal for two years). The president also used the act to answer questions from reporters. He confirmed that Cezary Wilk won’t continue at Deportivo, also that they are trying to close the return of Lucas, while he also stated that the operation to increase the club’s capital hasn’t matched his expectations. The following is a summary of the main things said by the president.

“There are novelties, yes, but I am one of those who prefer to talk when things are closed. It will be commented when the operations that are opened, which are many, are finally closed. In terms of players we are searching in every position with the exception of the keeper. But for now nothing is closed.”

“I’m still thinking that… our desire is to see him staying and we hope that the operation can be closed. The limit isn’t established by our desire, because the desire is to see him staying. The limit in the case of Deportivo is put by money. The financial situation of Deportivo is similar to the one on last year. There’s more income, but we must also pay more of the debt. Deportivo offer what it can offer and with the money we have. The money that we have is conditioned by the financial control. We will try to reach an agreement, we are interested in the player and I believe we can do it, but evidently we cannot put Depor in a problem that will be impossible to handle.”

“This year we have to pay a little more than six million to the Treasury. Six and a half if I’m correct. Three are going to be pay now, I believe on July 20, the money is already prepared and later on January 20, the amount is the same. “

“We haven’t talked yet of that subject. Manuel Pablo has a contract”

“Our preview is that a sanction will arrive soon. It will be a burden that could reach the half of million. We will see what happens and will communicate the resolution as soon as we receive the information.” [Depor didn’t pay the tax of the transfer and the club will be fined for this]

“”Fabricio is under contract. Fernando Vidal explained it well on Friday: we have no offers and we presented a renewal offer. We are pending of the answer, and if there’s no answer, then he will fulfill his year and nothing happens. We have a keeper in the beginning. We know that he received offers from other clubs, but Deportivo are also there. There are no offers for him.”

“The first phase ended on day 30 and we will comment more on Friday. We collected around €360,000. It’s the result of the first phase. It’s money that we didn’t have and now it’s there. Now we are going to launch the second of the four phases. We still have twenty months and there’s a lot of ahead. For me we need a social consensus and it’s also true that some agreements delayed the operation. Evidently I am not satisfied as we only matched the 6% of the target and let’s see where we can arrive. It’s also true that we didn’t have that money before and now it could be used for new projects.”

“The plan is to present it on June 19. We are planning to make cut in the prices for the people older than 65. We will explain it later.”

“His continuity is ruled out.”

Tino presenting the new sponsor. Ignacio Mariscal from Reale Seguros joins him

“We must be clear in one thing: to live outside the limits of the financial fair play is bad business. We will try to work within our limits, conditioned by the payment of the debt and, taking in mind that we won’t have the five million of the television contract that were already consumed, then we are talking that, as a competitor, we are having eleven million less. And in football you can make a lot with eleven million.”

“This is the best of the last five years. We spent two in Segunda and the other two we were relegated. Now we managed to stay, no matter it was hard. We were the 16th place in the salary cap and we ended 16th. I insist there are two leagues, the sporting and the financial. Last year we had one relegation at Segunda due to this. Murcia ended four points behind Depor and played the playoff, but ended relegated to Segunda B. It’s good to see this control.”

“It was the hardest moment on the season. We could have managed the situation in a certain way, but we weren’t responsible. You can always do things in a different way. But you have to decide when the problems arrive, and having the information that you have. “

“There’s already a number and we, as it happened last year, are fighting to raise it. As long as we can have more sponsors it will be bigger. If we can get more money then we will have more money to spend. Last year we started with an amount and we increased as we demonstrated all the income.”

“We will present the counting soon. It depends on the auditors. We still have the month of June to see their reports. We will make the meeting with the shareholders as soon as we can, if it can be in September or October it will be fine. The year is good. I would say that it’s the year with the highest benefit, but it must be repeated for a long time as the debt is huge.”

“I expect it will be ready at the beginning of the new season. It will be also in Galician; right now we have been alternating the articles in the website in both languages.”

“Practically all the dates are fixed. I think we only still have to settle a game for the middle of August. We will inform about it. It depends on the coach’s opinion. We are pending to fix the Teresa Herrera and to arrange a match with a Primera side one week before starting the season. We won’t make an international tour, only a mini-stage in Portugal of three or four days. I wouldn’t call it a tour.”

“We are hoping to see them promoted. It was never a demand and will never be. We are with the players and with the project. We will see what will happen against San Pedro. We also inform hat we will put an additional stand at Abegondo for the game. We hope people will attend to the game and have the same good environment that against Durango. I also want to clarify that we planned to play at the Riazor, but it was incompatible with the need of the maintenance. The grass needs maintenance for seven weeks. And Manu Mosquera wanted to play at the same place the whole phase “

“This year the plan is to make one single game, because la liga had advanced the start of the league, something that should be a tendency for the future. It leaves a complicate situation in August. You only have a few days to do things. The rival isn’t closed and we still have to talk with the town hall.”



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