12 Jun 2015
Luis Fernández conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the striker analyzed his season at Lugo, the one of Deportivo at Primera and told that he wants to stay in A Coruña for the upcoming campaign.

Q: What is your balance of the season in Lugo?
A: You leave with expectations and to a club in which, at the beginning, you are going to play, but in football the situations change. I got injured and then it was harder to get in. If I think about it now, after been out injured for five months, after playing one thousand minutes and scoring five goals, in the end it wasn’t a bad season. I went to add minutes and it was like that.

Q: Did you fulfill the goal of earning experience?
A: The true is that a lot. I was in a different changing room and was the first time I was leaving home. It helped me to improve and mature.

Q: How was your relationship with Quique Setién?
A: I learned a lot from him. He is someone who is very experienced. What he has done in Lugo is worthy of admiration. I am grateful for the opportunity that he and Mouriz [sporting director] gave me.

Q: With what intention are you returning to Deportivo?
A: On June 18, I will return from the holidays and, on day 20, I'll get to train. I'll have to live with some new partners, although some were already there before leaving, and with a new coach. It's a different situation, but the feelings I had were good when I was there. If I am one hundred percent ready during the pre-season, then I think I can compete for a spot.

Q: What has the club transmitted to you?
A: As there aren’t many players in attack, they cannot tell you that you are staying until the signings arrive. I'm excited and I think I can seize my chance. My idea is to stay.

Q: What did they tell you about Victor Sánchez del Amo?
A: They have said great things about him, it seems he is a very hard worker. It can be favourable to me because I like to play with the 4-4-2. I have always preferred to play with another striker to create space.

Q: How your situation has changed compared to last year?
A: Last season it wasn’t in my head to stay. I wanted to leave and the club opened the door out. This year is totally different, I return with renewed enthusiasm and with another spirit, with the idea of staying

Q: Do you see yourself with enough level to play at Primera División?
A: This year, when I was one hundred percent fine, the feelings were very good. It was hard to begin, but when I reached my best shape then it was completely different. I was fine. Now it’s different and if I am physically ready then I can compete with anyone. Later it depends on what the club can bring.

Q: Is it a burden to be a striker at Deportivo? This year they were also questioned.
A: Clearly the striker is the one to score the goal. Viewed from outside, Oriol [Riera] did an outstanding job. He had his moment of crisis, but continued to provide things. Maybe people do not realize that Makaay is not coming back. Depor are a historic club, but the situation is as it is. If a club has the power to sign, then they will sign whoever they want; if not, you have to sign someone that fits the club and from there you have to fight hard.

Q: After following it from the outside, what note will you put to the season made by Deportivo?
A: Fantastic, because the goal was achieved. It was already known that a club like Deportivo would suffer, indeed the other two newly promoted teams ended relegated. Throughout a season there are always ups and downs, but in the important moments the club, the team and the fans were united.

Q: What season do you preview in the 2015-16?
A: The key to the season is to guess right with the signings, like all clubs. Taking out the giant clubs, we will fight all for the same goal. The one with the advantage is the one that could be right with the signings and the team and fans that could be united. That's what makes the season. Last year Deportivo lived hard times and eventually got the permanence. That's the path you have to follow for a couple of years and then to look to settle at higher levels.




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