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04 Jul 2015
The first group, players that were making the medicals on Thursday, completed their first training at Abegondo on Friday, among them Saúl García and Luis Fernández.

Second day in the pre-season. The group that made the medicals on Thursday was training on the grass one day later. Ten players were in this group: Laure, Manuel Pablo, Luisinho, Fabricio, Alex Bergantiños, Lopo, Juan Domínguez, Luis Fernández, Insua and Saúl.

Saúl García and Luis Fernández were the main novelties on the day; the first was completing his first training at Abegondo’s pitch, while the second was back after his loan spell at CD Lugo. Both players still have to convince the coach in order to stay as they have options of going out loaned.

Meanwhile, the other group of players was completing the medicals in a double shift. The players in this group were: Diego Seoane, Fernando Navarro, Alejandro Arribas, Oriol Riera, Teles, Cardoso, and German Lux. The academy players had the day off.

On Saturday, the whole team, including the six Fabril’s players, will train at Abegondo in a double shift (10h00 CET & 18h30 CET). On Sunday the team is resting and later will start the second stage in the pre-season with a concentration at hotel and golf club Guitiriz.

Saúl García on his first day at Abegondo

Luis Fernández is back

Laure during Friday’s training

Víctor and Luisinho



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