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04 Jul 2015
Depor’s captain addressed the media after Friday’s training; he explained why he decided to continue and also believes that the new signings in defence will help a lot.

Captain Manuel Pablo was the first players that conceded an interview ahead of the season 2015/16. He firstly explained why he decided to renew for one more year, “I am feeling fine. It was a matter of talking between the parties involved. I was willing to continue, but needed to confirm it with them. But, since from the coach to the president they trust me and are content, so I am staying one more year.”

“Yes I played a few minutes before, but they were content with me. I only played a few games on the season and in the end you doubt, but I was feeling fine and asked them about it. The new coach counted with me since the beginning. The change influenced. I was training at the top, but wasn’t entering into the plans. You notice that you didn’t count and was trying to help, later the change in the coach converted the training into minutes in the game.” He added.

The 39-year-old player smiled when he was asked about a meeting with Valerón at Primera, “We have talked a lot as we were together. I am happy for him and also for UD [Las Palmas]. They were trying for two or three years and deserved it. We were joking that we weren’t going to shave until the other decides to retire [he laughed]. I’m happy as I believe that El Flaco deserves to be at Primera División for everything that he has offered.”

The Canarian was talking of the goal for the season, “This season the goal is to achieve the permanence but without having that anguish until the end. Hopefully our performance can be good enough and we can be a more regular team, so we won’t suffer until the end.”

Manuel Pablo is happy with the arrival of experienced players for the defence like Arribas and Navarro, “They are players that will add a lot of things, last year we suffered a lot at the back and later Fabricio was incommensurable. It’s a task that we need to improve, and players like this will help us.”

The right-back doesn’t think that to sign players with long contracts can affect their performances, “Sometimes it might affect, but in many cases the loaned players help a lot. The main example is Oriol [Riera], who showed a great compromise on last season. In the end what matters is the attitude of the person.”

Finally, he talked of the situation as there are five side defenders at the first, “I don’t know what could happen. I haven’t talked to them about the subject. I think the priority is to sign strikers and wingers and later we will see. “




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