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05 Jul 2015
Laure is very optimistic about the season that Deportivo can make, for him the feelings are different compared to last year and also sees with good eyes the signings made so far.

Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ addressed the media on Saturday. In a general sense he is content for how things have started at Deportivo, “I’m willing to start and see that things have been made greatly. I am eager to start. Right now we have only made a few thing with the ball, the work is more physical”

The Madrilenian is also satisfied for the signings made for the defence, “They are experienced players, already settled and with a large experience at Primera División, and that’s very important. They are coming in order to add and I’m enchanted that they are here. I like the style of the signings that we are making I am not saying that didn’t like the one of last years, but these kinds of players, having matches at Primera División, is a guarantee. Sometimes it could be great to bet in players without that experience, but it’s always better like this.”

The Madrilenian was asked if there are talks to renew his contract ending in 2016 and he responded that, “Right now it is stopped. I believe that right now the club is busy trying to close the squad. They have the intention and I have the intention too and let’s hope it can be finalized. We have talked and showed intention, but there wasn’t any negotiation yet.”

Laure also expects that Fabricio could stay, “We have two great players for the position. The team is well covered there. I understand there could be offers for Fabricio after making a great season. Been selfish and been Deportivista I hope he can stay, but we know that the market is the boss. I hope he could say, but it will be complicated.”

The ex-Fabril is optimistic regarding the season that Depor can make, “I have the impression that we are going to make a very good year, because I have the feeling that we are going to make a highly worked pre-season. We are going to reach the league knowing what we want, who we are and what we can do. That’s the sensation that we are giving.”

“Right now I have the feelings that things have been done better, not that we did the wrong things last year, but that we learned from past errors. I believe the team will be much better this year. In football nobody has a magic wand and the complicate thing is to make decisions and we can learn from past things. Things are looking great.” He added.

Finally, Laure talked of the competence among the side defenders, “Right now we have three right-backs, the competence is always hard at Primera División and what I expect is to give everything and later the coach will decide. Last year I had a secondary role or even tertiary, but I must be ready in order to help.”



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