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11 Jul 2015
Corredera, Cardoso and Dani Iglesias were the main news from the first friendly on the pre-season. Víctor presented two lineups for each half with Seoane as the only one that played the full 90 minutes.

First game on the pre-season for Deportivo. Coach Víctor Sánchez presented a 4-2-3-1 formation. Fabricio Agosto was the starting keeper, Diego Seoane covered the right side of the defense, Róber Suárez and Alejandro Arribas were the centre-backs, Fernando Navarro covered the left side.

Juan Dominguez and Álvaro Queijeiro were the centre midfielders, Álex Corredera attacked from the right wing, Luis Alberto was the playmaker, Luisinho was the left winger and Luis Fernández was the centre forward.

 The rival was SD Silva, Tercera club that is also starting the pre-season. The match was scheduled as the I Antonio Meirás memorial trophy. Ex-Fabril Cardelle was a starter for the locals, but Toni Insua, who just left Depor B during the summer, wasn’t picked for the match.

It was the typical friendly game between two teams that are just trying to settle after one week of work at the training pitch. Depor had the ball and Silva spent the major part of the time on their side of the field, and in the end both sides failed to create scoring opportunities, at least in the first part.

At Deportivo the main thing to emphasize during the first half was the presence of Álex Corredera, the young player signed during the summer for Fabril and that’s making the pre-season with the first team. The 19-year-old player was used as a right winger and impressed with his individual moves, though it wasn’t enough to create a clear scoring opportunity.

Luis Alberto also showed good individual moves, but he seemed disconnected from the two centre midfielders. At the middle of the half Víctor made the first change and David Gómez replaced Fabricio.

At half-time, the coach changed nine of the other ten players. Only Seoane kept performing on the right side of the defense. Meanwhile, Lopo, Insua, Saúl, Álex Bergantiños, Teles, Óscar García, Cardoso, Dani Iglesias and b>Oriol Riera had their first minutes on the pre-season.

The picture changed for the second part, though both sides continued missing depth to create scoring changes. What happened was that Silva started to push, while Depor were now playing on the counterattack. Cardoso was now performing as the playmaker and Dani Iglesias were the left wingers, if Corredera was the main thing to emphasize in the first part then the duo from Fabril was the best thing in the second.

Depor needed 59 minutes in order to create the first clear opportunity, and it ended in goal thanks to the combination between the two Fabril’s members. Dani Iglesias drilled the ball and Cardoso didn’t hesitate to score the first goal in the pre-season for Depor.  Fifteen minutes later Riera hit the post and Dani Iglesias collected the loose ball to score from close range.

Dani Iglesias continued to be a threat and had the chance to score the third, but his mid-distance shot was saved by a defender at the goal line (82’).  However the third goal came one minute later after local goalie Guillermo deflected a shot from Teles and centre-back Róber was there to head the ball home.

The team will train on Saturday, though it will only have one training session, and will rest on Sunday. The next friendly will take place on next Wednesday visiting Segunda B club Racing de Ferrol (20h30 CET).

Silva: (4-2-3-1) Guillermo - Vilela, Beto, Miguel Sanchez, Cardelle - Michi Leal, Carlos Varela - Álvaro, Movilla (Jhony 15’), Yago De Diego - Brais.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Fabricio (David Gómez 30’) - Seoane, Róber (Lopo 46’), Arribas (Insua 46’), Navarro (Saúl García 46’) - Juan Domínguez (Álex 46’), Queijeiro (Teles 46’) - Álex Corredera (Óscar 46’), Luis Alberto (Cardoso 46’), Luisinho (Dani Iglesias 46’) – Luis (Riera 46’).
Goals: 0-1: (59’) Cardoso, 0-2: (75’) Dani Iglesias, 0-3: (83’) Róber
Venue: O Roxo (500)



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