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26 Jul 2015
First defeat on the pre-season. Lugo was the wiser team and capitalized one of their best chances to win the Emma Cuervo trophy. Striker Dani Iglesias suffered an ankle sprain at the beginning of the game.

Víctor Sánchez chose to play with a 4-4-2 formation. Lux was the starting keeper, Róber Suárez performed at the right side of the defence, Saúl García covered the left, while Pablo Insua and Albert Lopo performed at the centre of the defence.

Juan Dominguez and Haris Medunjanin were the centre midfielders, Álex Corredera attacked from the right wing, Luis Alberto did it from the left, then Dani Iglesias and Oriol Riera were the centre midfielders.

The rival was Segunda club CD Lugo, the Galician neighbors are preparing their season with a new owner and a new coach, <Luis Milla, still there were a lot of familiar faces at the starting lineup like centre midfielders Carlos Pita and Fernando Seoane. The game was played in Ribadeo (Pepe Barrera field) and was the 64th edition of the Emma Cuervo trophy.

It was an intense first half, with both teams trying to dominate the ball possession, and as it has happened the whole pre-season there were only a few scoring opportunities. The main one was a shot of Dani Iglesias that was blocked by keeper José Juan (5’).

Just tee minutes later the Fabril’s striker had to be replaced due to an ankle sprain. Luis Fernández claimed his spot. Then Lugo started to dominate the actions and approached to Lux’s area, though without having a clear chance to score.

At Depor, once again, there was no proper connection in attack as Luis Alberto and Corredera looked isolated and the next chance to score came through the direct game as Oriol Riera collected the ball after a long throw to end releasing a shot that passed over the bar (26’).

In the next play CD Lugo scored the first and lonely goal in the game, Ferreiro released a cross from the left, Caballero got the ball and, before the passive attitude of Lopo and Insua, managed to release a shot backwards the goal past Lux.

It was the deserved reward for the best team on the pitch, because at that height of the meetings CD Lugo were deserving the lead. Depor had lost the control over the actions and Medunjanin was the only player that looked accurate enough to push the team forward.

For the second part Víctor made four changes with Laure, Álex Bergantiños, Óscar Díaz and Juanfran Moreno replacing Insua, Corredera, Medunjanin and Luis Alberto. The entry of Óscar and Juanfran brought freshness in the sides.

 Luis had the clearest chance to tie the game at the start of the half with a shot from inside the box that missed the target (51’). Óscar released a high cross from the right, no one dominated the ball inside the area and the striker got it at the far post, but he sent the ball over the bar.

Then there were more changes as Fabricio, Navarro, Arribas, Luisinho, Queijeiro and Teles entered for Lux, Lopo, Róber, Saúl, Juan Domínguez and Oriol Riera. Depor dominated the second half, while Lugo tried to make more damage through the counterattack.

For the final fifteen minutes the picture changed again and Lugo turned to be the better team, substitute Campillo was close to score the second after a long combinative play that ended with the attacker sending the ball out from inside the area (75’). The cross was released by Lemos, who had just entered the pitch.

It was the first defeat of Deportivo on the pre-season, a deserved result for Lugo as they were wiser and knew how to manage the tempos of the game. On next week Los Blanquiazules will be playing twice in the United Kingdom

Lugo: (4-2-3-1) José Juan (Roberto 60’) - de Coz (Dalmau 59’), Israel Puerto, Carlos Hernández, Manu – Pita (Igor Martínez 59’), Seoane (Lemos 73’) – Iriome (David López 73’), Sergio Marcos (Molinero 83’), Ferreiro (Campillo 59’) – Caballero (Pedrosa 67’).
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Lux (Fabricio 60’) – Róber (Arribas 60’), Lopo (Navarro 60’), Insua (Laure 46’), Saúl (Luisinho 60’) – Corredera (Óscar García 46’), Juan Domínguez (Queijeiro 60’), Medunjanin (Álex Bergantiños 46’), Luis Alberto (Juanfran 46’) - Dan Iglesias (Luis Fernández 17’), Oriol Riera (Teles 60’).
Goal: 1-0: (37’) Caballero
Referee: José Luis Corral García
Venue: Pepe Barrera



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