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29 Jul 2015
Víctor Sánchez conceded an interview and talked of the UK tour and the arrival of Pedro Mosquera. He didn’t want to talk of arrivals and exits, but assured that the club is open to any possibility.

Coach Víctor Sánchez conceded a press conference before the trip to Portugal. As always he didn’t want to talk of signings and not even confirmed the number of signings that remain to be done. He praised Pedro Mosquera and said that Teles didn’t travel for the UK tour just for a lack of spots in the trip. The following is a summary of the main things said by the Madrilenian coach.

“Pedro is a player that we know pretty well, because several members from the staff worked with him at Getafe and have followed his career. Carlos Morales [analyst] knows him from Real Madrid and he has been training with his team for two weeks, so he joined our dynamic of work without any problem and at the same pace than the rest. Surely he will take part in the games in the UK.”

“We understand that Pedro can add a lot of things to the group, for this reason we worked for his signings. He has grown a lot and we are convinced that he will continue growing. It’s also important that he is from here, because it’s important that he feels identified with the project, that’s one of the things that we always sought.”

“We will see what happens with the open negotiations. We will see when the sporting direction is able to close the pending pieces that we are missing.”

“[He smiles when he is asked if two or three more signings are pending] The number can change. Two, three, four? We don’t know. It depends on many factors, not only in what you want but in what you can close.”

“The personal issues remain to be personal. He remains off the group traveling because we can only travel with 24 due to a limitation in the spots, so I had to make a roster. He stayed out and the rest of injured players were ruled out. It was due to a limitation in the numbers of spots.”

“The market is open to everyone, either to enter or to go out, but not only because we manage it as there could situations that move you to do it, but because you need to be prepared for any conditions that could happen. Still, I don’t think there’s overbooking as we manage different systems and resources. It hasn’t been ruled out the option of playing with three centre midfielders. For me it is something possible. We want to have different systems in order to surprise the rivals.”

“We aren’t worried about that, but are working on it. We are trying to close the operations as soon as possible. It’s worthless to be worried; we are only working with what we have in order to be ready.”

“Individual subjects remain as personal issues. When the club considers that it’s necessary to make a public announcement then it will do it. The coach cannot announce anything about it.”

“The rivals have an important level. The championship has an important level and you already know the level of the Premier League. It’s interesting and it was planned like this. The idea is to break the dynamic of been in Galicia. We are searching for competition against a superior level. We want to continue with our preparation and will train there too. These are two very good tests.”



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