29 Jul 2015
Alejandro Arribas conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia; the defender talked of his adaptation process and his expectations ahead of the new season.

Q: Your adaptation has been immediate. You arrived with Fernando Navarro and I guess that it helps.
A: Yes, of course. Besides companions we are good friends and is an aid to integrate better. Before coming here I talked to him, he knew the coach from his stage at Sevilla. Everything he said about the coaching staff has being fulfilled: great people.

Q: You are not one of those that needed to be convinced by Victor, but it seems that he has made a good impression in you.
A: The treatment of the coach with the players has been really great. Always willing to exchange views and listen to proposals that could be beneficial to the team. The squad is happy and I, personally, am happy too.

Q: Besides, he is a specialist in a field that you like: the set-pieces.
A: Yes. For the teams at the bottom it is especially important. Scoring goals is what ultimately puts you in a place or another and the coach wants to work with it right from the start. In this you notice the absences and those arriving late have to slowly learn the plays, but I think we are taking the concepts that he wants for the set-pieces.

Q: For the goals we count with has another friend of you as Riera.
A: I met him in Pamplona and the two of us made a good season. I think he will be an important piece at the team, but will need to bring more people for the attacking line. We are signing people with experience at all levels and I think itís a great idea. Now we also need to bring more players upfront to get the goals that will give us tranquility.

Q: What has been resolved quickly is the defence. It seems that a solid defence has been formed.
A: Last season we saw two Depor teams, one with Victor Fernandez and another with Victor SŠnchez. I think this year Deportivo have great players at the back and the idea is to make a strong block on defense. The important thing will be that block, to function well at the back and to start every game adding at least a point. It would be 38 points and last year Depor escaped with 35.

Q Was it hard for you to exchange Sevilla for Depor?
A: The leap is not easy, because the aspirations are now different, to play a European competition is precious and you never know when you will return to play it. But a player has to feel loved and important within the team and in Sevilla, for whatever reason, the coach didnít trust me and neither gave me the role that every player wants. And Deportivo insisted, I noticed that they really wanted me. Now I am very happy with my decision and my goal is to help to not suffer as last year.

Q: Your friend Navarro sees options to look at Europe in the medium term.
A: Europe, only by budget, it isnít within our reach. Of course, everything is possible, but is complicated. Our goal this year is to not suffer. To play only a few finals. The fewer the better.

Q: In your last stage at Rayo your big goal was to play, someday, for the national team. Three seasons have passed. Is still something in your mind?
A: Being in a team from the bottom to reach the national team is something almost impossible. They normally pull from the big teams or the first six or seven places. But well, you always fight to keep improving and we will see.




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