01 Aug 2015
Luisinho conceded an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa; the Portuguese left-back talked about the differences between the current pre-season and the previous campaign. He also talked of the competition with Fernando Navarro.

Q: Which ones are the new signs of identity?
A: It's going to be quite different from last year's team, playing quieter and closer in defense. I think our league is going to pass through there. The coach also likes us to play with the ball. Last year we didnít start well and when that happens you are always running behind the result. Now we want to start well and itís important to have a good defense, be compact and united. I think that's what we need.

Q: Is there more potential than a year ago at this point?
A: With these signings I think the squad is more balanced. Last year we also had a good squad, the problem was that we didnít start well and then we struggled. Things have been done differently. We are thinking twice before doing the things.

Q: Are you lacking the goal?
A: Yes. We know we only have Oriol (Riera) on top. We are missing forwards and is difficult, because every team wants players that score goals. We'll see what happens.

Q: What is your assessment of this first month in the pre-season?
A: We're starting well. Things have been done differently. Last year things werenít fine and I think this year is starting better and this is the path we must follow.

Q: VŪctor gives special importance to the tactical preparation, is the same with the physical aspect?
A: He likes to show videos from previous games to correct some things that werenít done right. He also enjoys working the set-pieces. All those little details are important for a football team. We are happy with that and we have to continue preparing ourselves in the best possible way.

Q: Arenít important the results in the friendly games?
A: Sure. At this time they are the less important thing. Itís always clear that we compete to win, but now we want to gain physical shape and that is the goal; the coach wants us to be well prepared also for the league opener. We have the first test against Real Sociedad, which is the debut at home, and have to start well with a victory.

Q: Is there any reason to believe that you will end achieving the permanence without so much trouble like last year?
A: I think so, we have to be positive and believe that this season will be different than before. We must work hard, because it will be a long campaign. The Spanish league is very competitive and we have to be prepared. We are aware of what happened last year. With that warning itís enough to think and make a quiet season.

Q: In a personal level, is your goal to have continuity as last season?
A: I'll try to do it better. At the individual level it was a good year, but I will work trying to do better and, collectively, we must try to see the team not suffering so much.

Q: After two years in A CoruŮa you remain as a key player in the team and so identified with the club and the city, do you feel as one of the most important players at the squad?
A: No. Iím a player that wants to help the team. Everyone knows that I have a special affection for the club and the city, but I donít feel more important. I feel like wanting to help the team and I'm here for that, nothing more.

Q: Is it going to be harder to earn the spot after the arrival of Fernando Navarro?
A: All years are difficult. I have to work hard and prove my worth, I did it on here. Everyone knows how I am as a player. I donít have to prove anything to anyone. Now I have to work every day in order to play, to feel good and to be 100% ready in order to help the team, which is the most important thing.




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