04 Aug 2015
Luis Alberto conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the playmaker explained why he chose to join Depor and also assured that Víctor Sánchez is a great coach that will surely succeed in football.

Q: What’s the analysis from your first weeks at Deportivo?
A: I feel very well. I found a great environment at the changing room and this factor always helps for adaptation. When the people inside is good, it helps to see everything rolling.

Q: Did you know anyone before arriving?
A: Well no. Yes, I have friends who played for years at the club and I spoke to them before coming. They spoke highly of the city and the club. Now that I'm here, I can see that it was all true.

Q: Who were the advisors?
-A: The guilty ones to see me here are Bodipo and Diego Tristán. They are the ones that said great things. Besides Victor, of course, it was the one who ended up convincing me.

Q: What did the coach told you to see you making the decision?
A: He knows me for my stage in Sevilla. He knows my character and what aspects he can squeeze more. He said he would get the better of me and then I realized I had to come here.

Q: After separating your ways, had you met him?
A: Yes. I keep a very good relationship with the coaching staff, not just the coach. We keep in touch and we met in games in which we were rivals. We talked a lot.

Q: What are the virtues of Victor, as a coach, that you didn’t find in any other coach?
A: He has been a player and knows well the players. He’s very demanding. But works hard and knows very well how to lead the group. He’s starting his career as head coach, but I'm sure he will go far.

Q: You arrive from a difficult year in the personal aspect in Malaga. Can it be an useful experience?
A: It was all a bit strange. I don’t understand much of what happened in Malaga. But now I prefer to move on, take this opportunity at Depor, enjoy and keep learning.



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