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06 Aug 2015
Second defeat on the pre-season; not a good game for Deportivo though players like Mosquera, Queijeiro and Luis Alberto left a positive impression.

Víctor Sánchez presented a lineup with two Fabril’s players on, which invites to think that the lineup for the Teresa Herrera (Saturday) could be the one to be used in the debut in liga. Fede Cartabia was making his debut performing as the playmaker in the formation.

Lux was the starting keeper, Laure covered the right side of the defence, Insua and Sidnei were the centre backs, Saul García covered the left side, Pedro Mosquera and Juan Dominguez were the centre midfielders, Óscar García attacked from the right wing, Miguel Cardoso did it from the left and Oriol Riera was the centre forward.

The rival for the game was Real Oviedo, the recently promoted club to Segunda that’s also preparing the league season. The match was going to be played at the Tartiere stadium, but the pitch wasn’t ready and therefore the game was moved to the Reino de León, the home of Segunda B club Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa.

Coach Sergio Egea presented a defensive lineup with three centre-backs. Ex-Depor Toché joined the club last week, but he wasn’t picked for the match. Familiar players like Héctor Font, Linares and Jonathan Vila were starters.

The game had the “normal” pace of a friendly match in a pre-season. Depor had control over the ball since the kick-off, but the team was spending the time moving the ball at midfield and didn’t create any harm. Meanwhile the Asturians only needed seven minutes to score the first goal.

It was a big error at defense, Lux tied to rescue the ball from a corner-kick, but instead assisted Borja Gómez, who later was fouled by Insua inside the area. The referee whistled the penalty and Néstor Susaeta scored with a low shot from the spot.

Depor continued having the control over the ball, but it only completed a shot on target until minute 14 as Cartabia fired from the edge of the area in a strategic play. The Galicians started to feel uncomfortable due to the pressure of the rivals and their counterattacks.

The second shot on target for Depor came at minute 20, it was a low attempt by Óscar that was blocked by Esteban.  Five minutes later a new error at defence was close to cost the second goal, but Lux cleared the danger after Insua failed to control it when he was backwards the goal.

Among the few good things saw at Depor was the performance of Mosquera, the Galician player was the best man at his team and the only one controlling the traffic at midfield and with the vision to pass the ball, while Cardoso gave glimpses of class, though he looked too alone. In the case of Cartabia he barely appeared in the game. At defense, there were lights and shadows. Insua was too erratic and Sidnei looked solid. It also called the attention Saul, who constantly joined the attacks by the left side.

Despite the bad first half, Depor scored once and was close to reach the pause with the advantage in the scoresheet. The equalizer came after a low cross from Cardoso, the cross from the left wing hit the body of Óscar and Esteban was too passive, so Juan Dominguez arrived in time to head the ball in. And at the last minute Cartabia seized a new error of Esteban and should have scored from the goal line, but the keeper pulled him three times. The referee didn’t see the play and therefore didn’t whistle the clear penalty.

For the second half Víctor made five changes; Juanfran, Róber, Queijeiro, Medunjanin and Luis Alberto entered for Laure, Sidnei, Juan Dominguez, Mosquera and Oriol Riera. The half started with Depor having more depth, Luis Alberto was close to score with a shot from inside the area deflected by substitute keeper Rubén Miño (50’)

The action was repeated four minutes later, but this time Luis Alberto fired from long distance and once again Miño cleared the ball to corner-kick. The attacker was the best player in the second half, he was pretty active and was the one creating the goal opportunities.

Later Cartabia was replaced by Alex Corredera, who also made interesting things in the game. Meanwhile the Argentine didn’t appear too much, but it was only his first game after only completing three training sessions with the team. If Mosquera shone at midfield in the first part, in the second it was Queijeiro who made interesting things, like a long pass to Cardoso from midfield that was close to end in a scoring opportunity.

Saul was also shinning, a solo-play by him was close to end in goal; but his drilling cross from the left didn’t find a receiver inside the area (69’). Susaeta had the first clear chance for Oviedo in the second part, this after collecting a cross from the left, but he sent the ball over the bar (74’). Depor responded with Cardoso firing wide.

Deportivo had two chances to win the game before the final whistle, but the Galicians didn’t seize the opportunities. At minute 81, Corredera had a clear chance to score, but his drilling attempt went off. Five minutes later Luis Alberto got the ball at the penalty spot, but his attempt was cleared by a defender to corner-kick.

And Real Oviedo were really lucky to win the game with a last-minute goal. It was a corner-kick action in which the Asturians fooled Depor’s defense; Hervías released a perfect cross and substitute Cristian Rivera scored just pushing the ball in after Lux had made a great save before his first effort.

Truly it was an undeserved loss as Depor had the ball, had more chances and also a clear penalty that wasn’t whistled. This is the second defeat on the pre-season and the second facing a Segunda club (CD Lugo). The next friendly game is the Teresa Herrera clash against SC Braga (Saturday, 20h00 CET).

Real Oviedo: (5-2-2-1) Esteban (Miño 46’) – Nacho López (Serrano 67’), Jonathan Vila (Cristian Rivera 79’), David Fernández, Borja Gómez, Bautista (Peña 46’) - Erice, Néstor Susaeta (David González 81’) – Font (Allyson 67’), Linares (Cervero 63’) - Borja Valle (Hervías 52’)
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure (Juanfran 46’), Insua, Sidnei (Róber 46’), Saúl -  Mosquera (Queijeiro 46’), Juan Domínguez (Medunjanin 46’) – Óscar García, Cartabia (Corredera 57’), Cardoso – Oriol Riera (Luis Alberto 46’).
Goals: 1-0: (7’) Néstor Susaeta (penalty), 1-1: (39’) Juan Domínguez, 2-1: (90+1’) Rivera
Referee: José Ramón Piñeiro Crespo.
Venue: Reino de León



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