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09 Aug 2015
19th Teresa Herrera success for Deportivo; the Galicians dominated the game and Riera had countless chances to score, but the goal came from the penalty spot thanks to Fede Cartabia.

Víctor Sánchez chose a 4-2-3-1 formation that had five new signings on. Fabricio was the goalkeeper, Laure covered the right side in defence, Fernando Navarro performed on the left, while Alejandro Arribas and Sidnei Rechel were the centre backs.

Juan Dominguez and Pedro Mosquera were the centre midfielders, Cani covered the right wing, Luisinho attacked from the left, Luis Alberto was the playmaker and Oriol Riera was the centre forward.

At SC Braga, coach Paulo Fonseca presented a 4-4-2 formation. It was a mix if new players and normal starters from last season. New signing Joan Àngel Román, ex-Barca B and ex-Villarreal, was a starter, also Montenegrin Nikola Vukčević. This was the 70th edition of the Teresa Herrera trophy with a good attendance to the Riazor.

 The pace was high since the start; at minute 3, Oriol Riera was close to score with a crossed shot that passed close to the goal of Russian goalie Stanislav Kritsyuk. The Galicians were focusing their attacking efforts on the left wing through Luisinho, while Cani was performing towards the centre.

At minute 12, Cani made a brilliant pass into the area, but Riera couldn’t connect the ball properly, one minute later the strong shot by Luisinho was cleared by Kritsyuk. Then, at minute 15, Riera headed the ball on target and again Braga’s goalie made the save.

Depor was the only side attacking, Braga tried to launch dangerous counterattacks based in their speed, but within the first half an hour the only thing they achieved was to conquer four corner-kicks. Meanwhile, Luis Alberto and Cani were controlling the attacks by Depor, with Mosquera commanding midfield, but later Riera wasn’t capitalizing the opportunities.

At minute 31, SC Braga had their first and lonely chance to score; it was a direct free-kick by Joan Román that was deflected by Fabricio. Three minutes later Luisinho drilled the ball into the area and Luis Alberto fell before the pressure of a rival, but no penalty was given.

The first half ended as it started: with Riera missing two chances to score; in the first he was unable to connect the ball inside the area after a quick pass from Cani, one minute later he missed the target from the edge of the area.

For the second half Fayçal Fajr debuted with Deportivo. There were other three players going in: Juanfran, Lopo and Fede Cartabia. The players that were replaced were Laure, Sidnei, Cani and Luis Alberto.

And when both teams were still settling, the referee whistled a soft penalty after Juan Dominguez was challenged by André Pinto after the defender lost the ball inside the area; then Fede Cartabia scored with a low shot from the spot.

Depor continued dominating the game and Fajr had a chance to score through a direct free-kick in which he missed the target (54’). The Moroccan performed as the playmaker in the formation and looked comfortable in the position, but the most active man in the second part was Cartabia. The argentine was the man unbalancing the game with his quick moves.

In the following minutes there were a couple of nasty challenges that left Arribas and Riera dragging muscle problems, and the next change was the entry of Álex Bergantiños replacing Juan Domínguez.

Suddenly SC Braga had their best chance in the game after Rodrigo Pinho hit the far post of Fabricio after heading a cross coming from the left (70’). Two minutes later Riera missed another chance, this time heading out a cross from Cartabia. The Catalan man missed six opportunities in the match.

Arribas had to be replaced, Óscar García entered for him. The change moved the entire team as Álex performed as centre-back, Fajr was joining Mosquera at midfield and Cartabia was the playmaker.

Depor lost the control over the ball possession within the last fifteen minutes; SC Braga tried to seize the situation, but they never found any crack at the defence, just a couple of actions in set-pieces that only meant a corner-kick in favour of the Portuguese team.

Deportivo left a positive impression in the game, though it presented the same problem of last season: lack of goal. This is the 19th success of Deportivo in the Teresa Herrera. The last friendly on the pre-season will be played on Wednesday visiting Tercera club Galicia Mugardos (A Pedreira field, 19h00 CET)

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Fabricio – Laure (Juanfran 46’), Arribas (Óscar García 73’), Sidnei (Lopo 46’), Navarro – Juan Dominguez (Álex Bergantiños 67’), Mosquera – Cani (Fajr 46’), Luis Alberto (Cartabia 46’), Luisinho  - Oriol Riera
SC Braga: (4-4-2) Kritciuk - Baiano, Santos, Pinto, Djavan - Luíz Carlos (Mauro 53’), Vukčević, Joan Román (Pedro Santos 53’), Rafa (Alan 74’) -. Rodrigo Pinho (Fábio Martins 74’), Crislan.
Goal: 1-0: (52’) Cartabia (penalty)
Referee: Clos Gómez. He showed yellow card to André Pinto (56’), Álex Bergantiños (82’) & Lopo (84’)
Venue: Riazor (13,875)



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