27 Oct 2006
The game with Getafe will have a special meaning for Sergio, the Catalan player will have the opportunity to play his 300th game in Primera. Besides Depor's midfielder will celebrate his 30th birthday on November. Sergio analysed with newspaper <i>La Opini??n</i> his career and also his future in the world of football.

Q: It's just an statistic, but what means for you?
A: It's a motive to be proud. It means that I have been for a while in Primera, although it seems easy to fulfil, the true is that is complicated, too much time playing in a high level competition. It took me nine years to do this, and makes you realise that I have worked well, that the coaches have understood your work.

Q: When you started, did you imagined to be reaching the mark of 300 games?
A: I couldn't imagine that. It's like everything in life, or maybe one more phase. When you reach this, you try to hold on as long as you can. Luckily, I have achieved all and I am very happy for it. Right now I am only enjoying the moment, maybe I am in the last part of my career, reaching the 30's, but I still have hope.

Q: Do you have any resentment for your failed transfer at the begging of the season?
A: No. I have a special feeling for Espanyol, but things weren't made in the proper way, but that's an old story. Something personal that only I and the clubs know.

Q: The clear thing is that the motive that blocked the transfer was only related to the economic aspect.
A: Yes, the offer was put in the paper, but later there were several things that weren't resolved. They knew that Caparr??s was counting with me, and I was enchanted. Because to talk about Espanyol is to mention an special thing for me, but Depor already occupies an important place in my heart. 

Q: You will be 30 in some days and you will end your contract with Depor at 33. Would this be the end of your career?
A: The true is that it looks like that. But after what we lived on the present summer, it could be a different story. So, I believe that each year we will see that possibility. It's going to exist and we have just to know if it will become a reality. I can do nothing about it.

Q: And if the decision would depend on you?
A: At a personal level, I have a contract and I signed in order to fulfil it. If it was it for me, I would fulfil my contract for sure, later I will see how I am in the physical aspect.

Q: You are a veteran between youngsters. What's your roll?
A: I had to learn a lot and now it's my turn to hear the problems of the young people, I hope that they will think in me every time they might have a problem.

Q: With your experience, what's the objective of Depor for this season?
A: I am cautious. A new team is complicated, we are in formation and the first thing to do is to save ourselves. People is enthusiastic, but worse times will arrive and we must be prepared. Let's hope that we will achieve this objective soon, and later we will have to generate new challenges for us.

Q: Do you miss something from the previous years?
A: I have been lucky and I lived wonderful things, two phases with different projects, and it isn't fair to compare them. I have been lucky to be in both of them.

Q: It was difficult to pass from Irureta to Caparr??s?
A: Every time you face a change of boss you face a challenge, you must find the adaptation to it. The objective is the same, but every coach trust in different things. My mission isn't to valorise this two phases, I just have to help the group with my characteristics.

Q: Are the results a thing that prevails over the pretty game?
A: Football doesn't give you a margin to correct errors. In some occasions you have to prefer the results and not to play pretty. If we had not had this great beginning after fourteen matches, the doubts in the city would be enormous.

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