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18 Aug 2015
Saturday’s incident between Luisinho and Arribas is leaving more doubts after what happened on Monday.
Both players will be fined, but neither the coach nor the club clarified what really happened.

The incident between Alejandro Arribas and Luisinho held on Saturday is still calling the attention in A Coruña. The Portuguese was sent off from the training after a fight with the centre-back and some journalists even commented that he could leave the club, an option that was never studied by the club according to what was commented later, though the officials and the coaching staff managed the situation as a serious case.

The problem is that the conflict is beyond a simple fight in a training session and nobody wants to talk about it.  So, the fans are wondering why the fight has been magnified to this extreme. Early on Monday Luisinho attended to a meeting at Plaza de Pontevedra between the player, the coaching staff, the sporting direction, captain Manuel Pablo and president Tino Fernández.

The player didn’t say anything to the journalists gathered at Depor’s headquarters, but his agent, Jorge Teixeira, said that, “The president called the player to talk about the incident. Luisinho asked apologies and is also apologizing to the fans and the squad. He will join the trainings in the afternoon and will fulfill the three years in his contract.”

After the meeting president Tino Fernández also talked to journalists, “He [Luisinho] apologized for everything that happened on Saturday; he apologized to us, the fans and the coaching staff. Nothing more. He has a contract with Deportivo and is available for the coaching staff. The money available won't be used to rescind Luisinho, but to hire a striker, which is the priority right now."

Luisinho didn't said anything to reporters, his agent was the one talking

Everything seemed sorted, but later in the training session held in the afternoon at Abegondo Luisinho only worked for ten minutes with the group and later trained apart, while Arribas completed the full session. At the end coach Víctor Sánchez addressed the media and he was trying to be more specific on the status of both players.

“There’s a lot of information that’s private and I try to protect the interests of the team. As the responsible of the team, I want to apologize to the fans for the bad impression. Since that point we and the sporting direction must act and agreed in what to do. What will come out of this will be communicated and it will be a consensus, not a reaction of the moment. What happened with Arribas wasn’t a simple fight, that’s why you see me so serious and asking apologies. It’s something serious, but I cannot share the information because is related to the day by day.” He begun saying.

Later he hinted what’s going to happen with both players, “Luisinho worked for ten minutes with the group. We explained it to him in a private meeting with the whole group. Both players will face the same fine and later will face other sanctions according to their level of responsibility. We aren’t making any decision according to personal preferences. What you have seen today is the best. For now the only thing in our head to be at the top for the game against Real Sociedad.”

Despite the club is trying to transmit the impression that everything is normal, it is clear that something serious happened that hasn’t reached the general public. What seems also clear is that both players will stay at the squad, at least until the winter window.



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