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19 Aug 2015
Juan Dominguez addressed the media on Tuesday; he didn’t give details of what’s going on with Luisinho, but assured that the squad is focused in the debut in liga against Real Sociedad.

For the second straight day Luisinho completed part of the training session sidelined from the group. After the session ended one of the team’s captains, Juan Dominguez, talked to reporters about the incident that occurred on Saturday. The players won’t talk openly of what happened and won’t release any detail of why coach Víctor Sánchez is not accepting the Portuguese player, but Dominguez insisted throughout the press conference that they are only thinking of Saturday’s game.

The midfielder was asked about how the squad is handling the unusual situation and he responded, “With tranquility. In the end what matters is the game against Real Sociedad, on Saturday, and there’s no room to think of anything else. Both [Arribas & Luisinho] asked apologies for the impression that was left. Also I, because it’s something that cannot be repeated. But I tell you that everything is forgotten and we are only thinking of the game. Yes, there was a lot of noise that day, you watched the pictures, but right now the 100% of our thoughts are on Saturday’s game.”

Asked about the reasons why Luisinho was punished by the coaching staff, he only said that, “It’s a private situation that only matters to Luisinho, the coach and the club. It’s a situation that will be fixed between them. The rest cannot say anything about it.”

Finally, Dominguez assured that the impact of the current situation is bigger outside the team, because in the inside everything is calm, “It’s on the spotlight only in the outside, because in the inside we are pending more of preparing the weekend’s game. We cannot distract and what we want is to see things fixed in the best possible way. Nothing more. We are working in the same way and thinking only of the competition.”



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