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19 Aug 2015
Luisinho released a press statement asking apologies for what happened on Saturday’s training; he also asked for a new opportunity and to join the training sessions.

After two days only completing part of the training session with the group, Luisinho decided to talk and released a press statement explaining what happened and admitting that he was wrong. He also asked for the opportunity to fully re-join the trainings with the team.  The following is the translation of what he said.

"I want to clarify publicly the events of the last week. As seen through the pictures transmitted it happened a misunderstanding between me and the companion in a collective training, an ugly scene, inappropriate and a wrong incident, again I apologize to the club officials, to my teammates, coaches and especially to all the fans of our DEPOR "

"I say our DEPOR because I feel this club as I never felt another one, my family and I were received in this city in a very loving, affectionate and passionate way, so my total repentance. Life goes on and now we must all save our pride and raise the interest, which is to serve DEPOR."

"I sing the mea culpa and I am completely available with my professionalism, character and passion for this club in order to close this issue once and for all, and then work in order to be who I always was throughout my story here in A Coruña"

"When I arrived here the club was in a difficult economic situation, it was playing at Segunda División and they were all afraid of the future. I believed in this project, I committed to my work and now everything is very different and I am proud to be part of this success."

"I just want to see them letting me work and help the club as I helped during these two years. I argue that the mistakes allow us to keep growing and learning. Humbly, I'm ready to accept my mistake.”



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