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31 Aug 2015
Promising game for Deportivo; the Galicians deserved more in the first part and could have lost in the second part. The defence and especially Lux were solid. Lucas scored the first goal on the season.

Coach Víctor Sánchez made two changes in the lineup and both meant to allow the debuts of Alejandro Arribas and Luis Alberto. Lopo and Cani were the starters against Real Sociedad that were out of this lineup.

German Lux was the goalkeeper, Laure covered the right side of the defence, Fernando Navarro played on the left, Sidnei Rechel joined Arribas at the central positions, Celso Borges and Pablo Mosquera were the centre midfielders, Juanfran Moreno was the right winger, Fayçal Fajr attacked from the left flank, Lucas Pérez was the playmaker and Luis Alberto was the centre forward.

At Valencia CF; coach Nuno made some unexpected moves; the ex-Depor goalie kept the 4-3-3 draw, but with Álvaro Negredo and Santi Mina as starters in attack; therefore Paco Alcácer was a substitute.

Impressive first part for Deportivo; the Blanquiazul outfit was the best side on the pitch and outplayed a grey local team that only appeared for the final five minutes. The 1-1 by half-time only reflects the lack of goal at Depor, though the collective work was pretty good.

The game started with a good chance for Deportivo; a counterattack ended with Lucas drilling a pass from the left wing, Luis Alberto arrived first before local goalie Mathew Ryan, but his attempt missed the target by inches. A penalty could have bene called in that play as Gayá fouled Depor’s attacker but no call was made (3’). He later was going to leave the match after picking an ankle injury.

Depor were looking fine within the first minutes; it was having the ball possession before a rival that wasn’t creating any harm, a picture that was going to be extended for the rest of the half. The Galicians were mainly trying to attack by the left side, with Lucas and Fajr pretty active in the counterattack.

Valencia didn’t seem comfortable on the pitch and the next chance was also for Depor; actually it was a double chance in a corner-kick from the left. The shot of Fajr was firstly deflected and later Sidnei collected the loose ball and his shot from the left corner of the area missed the target (25’).

Then Luis Alberto had to be replaced; the attacker picked an ankle sprain in the play of the possible penalty and had to be replaced by Luisinho. The move pulled Lucas to the centre of the attack, while Fajr was the playmaker and Luisinho was on the left wing.

At minute 33, Lucas had his first chance in the game after Fajr controlled a loose ball inside the area, but his chipping attempt went over the crossbar. Until this point everything was in favour of the visiting team, so it wasn’t strange to see them claiming the lead in the scoresheet.

Juanfran recovered the ball twice on the left wing and assisted Lucas, who didn’t think twice to end releasing a perfect and curved shot past Ryan. Valencia CF only appeared within the final five minutes and they were lucky enough to get the draw in that frame.

It was a collective error of the defence, Laure missed to clear the ball properly and in the resulting corner-kick Santi Mina headed the ball inside the area and it went into the path of Negredo, who easily netted from the right corner of the area. An underserved reward for a team that didn’t feel comfortable in the first 40 minutes.

The picture changed in the second part as Valencia CF were much better, but at the same time Los Ches were too hurried and didn’t have aim before a Lux that had a great game. Jonathan Rodriguez debuted leaving some interesting things.

The final part started with Depor looking fine, trying to attack and looking solid at defence, but at the same time Valencia were also pushing. At minute 52, Lux cleared the ball at the goal line after a header by Danilo in a free-kick action. The Argentine goalie barely touched the ball in the first part, but in this he made four key interventions (three saves and one clearance).

Danilo had the next chance in a solo-play at midfield that ended with a shot that went wide (55'). Depor’s first shot in this half was a drilling attempt by Juanfran from the right side of the area that was too easy for Ryan (61'), one minute later Luisinho attempted from the opposite side and it was deflected by a rival.

Then Valencia CF made changes and Feghouli and Parejo reinforced a team that was looking increasingly dangerous. At minute 65, De Paul was close to score with strong shot from inside the area that was deflected by Lux, and in the next cross by  the same player the ball didn’t find a receiver.

Jonathan Rodriguez made his debut replacing Juanfran and played the final twenty minutes. The Uruguayan only touched the ball six times, but left a positive impression, especially after a pass from Lucas in which he scored from close range, but it was invalidated for a previous foul over a rival (74’).

Valencia were still pushing, though they seemed too desperate. Negredo could have scored the second, but Laure blocked the attempt (73’). Five minutes later Lux made a new save before the dangerous shot from Rodrigo de Paul. The locals were better in the second part and were getting the ball at midfield, but later were only reaching the Galician area with the individual moves from their attackers, which were pretty well defended by Depor.

The locals played the last five minutes with ten men after Barragán was sent off with two yellow cards. The ex-Depor player suffered a lot before Luisinho and should have been sent off in the previous player before the same Luisinho.

Still, Valencia were the best team within the final five minutes, substitute Paco Alcácer had the last opportunity after Mosquera lost the ball at midfield, but the attacker barely touched the long pass and Lux was wise enough to make the interception (90+3’)

It was a promising game by Depor. The Galicians were the better side in the first half, later Valencia improved, but the defence and Lux grabbed a point that invites to be optimistic visiting one of the strongest sides in la liga.

Now, there’s a pause of one week as there’s international action. The next game will also be played on the road with Deportivo visiting Estadio de Vallecas in order to face Rayo Vallecano (September 14, 20h30 CET). Before, on Wednesday, there’s a friendly game against CD Lugo.

Valencia: (4-3-3) Ryan – Barragán, Mustafi, Vezo, Gayá – De Paul, Javi Fuego, Danilo (Parejo 62’) – Santi Mina (Feghouli 62’), Negredo (Alcácer 76’), Rodrigo
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure, Arribas, Sidnei, Navarro – Mosquera, Borges –, Juanfran (Jonathan Rodríguez 71’), Lucas, Fajr – Luis Alberto (Luisinho 28’).
Goals: 0-1: (38’) Lucas Pérez, 1-1: (44’) Negredo
Referee: José Luis González González. He showed yellow card to Danilo (43’), Lux (75’) and De Paul (85’). Barragán was sent off with two yellow cards (83’)
Venue: Mestalla (50,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (54% - 46%); Attempts to score (9 – 7); Total shots (12 - 12); Shots on target (5 - 3); Saves by the keepers (2 - 4); Corner-kicks (5 - 7); Offsides (4 - 1); Fouls committed (13 - 15); Passing accuracy (76% - 75%)



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