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01 Sep 2015
The coach and the players were content with the final result, Laure was complaining of a foul in the play of the equalizer, while Juanfran said that the absence of Dani Parejo was one of the keys.

Coach Víctor Sánchez Del Amo was satisfied with the performance of his team, “We are excited by the competitiveness that was shown by the team. We have seen a Deportivo that went out in order to win, even in the second part, moment in which Valencia has tightened hard and well. This point gives us confidence in our work."

"We have seen a Deportivo that came to win. Beyond the point, I'll take that confidence in our work in order to keep growing. All we can do is congratulate everyone for their work on the field, both the effort and their competitiveness.” He added.

The Madrilenian coach said that he wasn’t surprised with the changed made by Valencia at the starting lineup, "We work trying to be better than the others. Valencia are a team with a high level and our idea is always to press high trying to steal the ball. We have been able to generate good chances in the first half and the team has been phenomenal When we had the ball then we could have generated more chances, especially in the first half.”

Finally, Víctor was aware that his team suffered in the second half, “In the second part, with their changes, they have improved a lot, we were pushed to the back, but the defensive work of my team has also been excellent. We were fine and I want to congratulate my players.”

Alejandro Arribas debuted with Deportivo and he was satisfied with his performance, “I couldn’t had a better debut in a field like this one. We were solid at the back and enjoyed of the better opportunities. The draw is a good result to us.”

Lucas Pérez scored the first goal on the season for Deportivo; he commented that, “I am very happy for the goal and for the work done by the team, but at the same time I am sad for the goal that we allowed. Anyway it was a good game playing on this field.”

“This is a tough pitch and we were facing one of the best teams in Europe. The team was fine but the pity was the lack of concentration at minute 44, which cost us the three points. In the first half the team was superior to Valencia and we need to work and avoid these situations. We will work and surely will get points from difficult stadiums like this one.” The attacker added.

Captain Laure was complaining of a foul during Valencia’s goal, “"In the first half we played comfortable, we were out on the counterattack and were creating chances, but in the end they have equalized. It was a pity, especially because personally I think the goal came after a foul that the referee didn’t whistle, it was De Paul before the corner, although it’s true that later neither I nor my colleagues were right on the mark. Mistakes by the referees are normal, we all make mistakes and we have to assume our fault. "

About the game, the Madrilenian defender commented, “This result is important as we achieved it playing in the field of an important team that will be up at the standings. In the second half, Valencia had gone up, they gained depth with the changes and we were locked at the back, but we learned how to suffer to add an important point. Now we have another exit and it is important to continue in this line. We are content."

Juanfran was a starter and said that the absence of Parejo was key for the result, “Parejo was the key. He is the best player that they have and the fact that he wasn’t a starter turned to be something good. We are content with the result.”

The full-back was also happy for the permanence made by Lux, who was key with his saves, “Lux has been working in the shadows for a while and today he brought s point. He deserved this for his work during the trainings.”

At Valencia, coach Nuno was convinced that his team deserved to win this match, "We saw two different parts. The first half wasn’t good, despite the goal. In the second, we sought the victory and we have been in control of the actions, we had many chances, but we once again met with a goalkeeper who was the best player in the game. We wanted to win it in all ways but we were unable to do it. Now we have to search for the points at other stadiums. We considered that the victory was fundamental and now we are forced to travel to Gijón for the three points.”

He was criticized for leaving Parejo and Feghouli on the bench and also for replacing Negredo at the end of the first half, and the Portuguese manager commented that, “All the decisions towards this game were already made, the players that took part were ready for the meeting. All the changes made by a coach are made searching for the good of the team.”


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