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02 Sep 2015
A big change at the centre of the defense, the usual problems to defend the set-pieces, Lucas’ importance in attack, these are three of the six highlights from the draw against Valencia CF.

Six are the notes that can be extracted from the 1-1 draw at Mestalla. Some are a confirmation of previous situations witnessed with the team, while others are a total different scenario and there’s even one contradiction to what was saw against Real Sociedad.

1- The trio at the centre of the defence: During the opening matchday it was evident that Lopo was going to have a starring role on this season, but the situation has totally changed as one week later the Catalan was on the bench while Arribas debuted joining Sidnei at the centre of the defence. Truly the Catalan didn’t train at the top during the week due to an injury, but Víctor said that he was fine and ready to play.

It’s also true that the defence, especially Sidnei, failed in the play of the equalizer, but in a general sense they were great, and part of this situation was thanks to the combination Arribas-Sidnei, who played together for the first time in an official match –they were the starting couple in the Teresa Herrera too- It opens a new picture as the coach has three good options for two important spots.

2- Lucas Pérez’s importance in attack: The most expensive signing in the last seven years demonstrated that, for now, is the most important player in attack. He not only scored the goal, the first on the season for Depor, but was also the most active man up front completing two of the three shots on target, and been the attacker with more touches in the game (46).

3- Defending the set-pieces: The negative note of the game was to confirm that Deportivo are still having last season’s problems at the moment of defending the set-pieces. The equalizer came after an unnecessary corner-kick conceded by Laure, and later poorly defended by the whole defence, especially Sidnei, who lost the mark of Negredo to leave the striker alone before the goal.

4- Lux fights for a starting role: German Lux reaffirmed the impression left in the opening matchday: he’s ready to fight for the starting spot at the goal. He had an error in a corner-kick that didn’t have consequences, but later was the key with one clearance and four saves. Víctor will have a hard job deciding between the Argentine and Fabricio.

5- Depor can compete: La liga is only starting and all the teams still need to settle, but Deportivo demonstrated that it can compete facing the European candidates, it did it last week before Real Sociedad and reaffirmed the impression on this game visiting a stadium that hasn’t witnessed a defeat of his team in 2015. The best part was the attitude of the team, always looking calm and knowing what to do, this is crucial in order to scratch points from the most unexpected places.

6- Luisinho is a winger: Luisinho returned and did it as an emergency backup for injured Luis Alberto. During the pre-season Víctor used the Portuguese as a left winger after the arrival of Fernando Navarro, and what happened at Mestalla certifies that he will be more used in this position than in his natural place, the left-back position. Luisinho already lived a similar situation with Fernando Vázquez, starting as a left-back and later advancing to offensive positons after Culio’s exit. The player has said that he doesn’t feel comfortable there and it’s a matter of seeing if he can adapt to the role.



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