08 Sep 2015
German Lux conceded an interview to newspaper Marca; the goalkeeper talked about the start of season, his role as starter at the goal and points out that Deportivo must target to secure the permanence as soon as possible.

Q: The market is over, how about the squad's configuration?
A: The squad seems to me that itís fine. It's very competitive, I hope it is healthy, as I think it is, and no one can relax because everybody is tightening to play. You have to prove thatís better than last yearís one. You cannot only think of it, you have to prove it on the field.

Q. How have you felt in the first two matchdays?
A: I have felt very good. The pre-season was good. We didnít have long trips and worked normally. Iím happy. The team is competing well. In Valencia we had a great first half, except for the mismatch in the goal. In the second part we had defensive order and endured the push from Valencia.

Q: Would you be disappointed not to play against Rayo?
A: In such a competitive team the ones that are currently playing havenít a guaranteed place, but I work to continue in the team and am always counting to be there. Then the decision lies with the coach.

Q: Last year you lived difficult times and now it seems to have regained your best shape. What do you think has changed?
A: Football is moments. This year, for example, I have had a normal pre-season without injuries. Last year I spent two weeks on the sidelines. It isnít an excuse, but it does influence in the development of a player.

Q: There was a play in Valencia that surprised by your quick reaction. It was before Paco Alcacer, who was about to score...
A: It is an action that we work hard with Manu Sotelo, the goalkeeping coach. He gives information of the rivalís strikers and we know their strengths.

Q: What should be the team's goal?
A: To achieve salvation soon. We cannot look to another goal. Yes, hopefully we wonít suffer as much as last year.

Q: There was much talk of a possible exit by Fabricio during the summer. Did you have options to leave Depor?
A: There is always the option of returning to River Plate, but I never talked about it with Depor. I had one more year of contract and I wanted to fulfill it.

Q: You are a respected voice inside the changing room, how do you see the teamís environment?
A: Very good. There was always a great atmosphere inside the changing room. It is healthy and educated. That doesnít mean there can be a discussion. It is normal in football and it happens in all the squads. I donít give importance to it. You have to look at the collective work rather than the individual.

Q: Will you become a goalkeeping coach when you retire?
A: I still have time as a player, at least that's my intention. The true is that I havenít thought yet of what I'll do when I leave football, but I would still like to stay tied to this world, because it has always been my passion.




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