09 Sep 2015
Coach Víctor Sánchez conceded an interview to Sportpaper AS; the Madrilenian man is happy with the team that he has despite having 26 players at the first team.

Q: Two games, two points. Was it what you expected?
A: The most important thing is the good feelings, we are a team under construction with fourteen signings. The goal was to reach the first matchday with a good level and we are showing it. We are happy because the line is upward.

Q: There’s people asking the market to be closed on August 1. What do you think?
A: I totally agree. It has more logic to close it before for the calendars and to make a pre-season with sense, so you can work with what you will play. Bizarre situations have occurred in the last day of the market.

Q: And in the end, a squad with 25 players.
A: The Initial goal was between 21 and 23, depending on the market. We were missing the three goalkeepers, which is important to us. No problem, though one of the goals having less spots was to see Fabril’s players training with us in order to see us progressing. Now there will be fewer choices, but there are always injuries.

Q: Does Jonás has the profile you were missing?
A; I think we aren’t missing any piece, the squad was already balanced. What happens is that it turns to be something really good to strengthen us. He’s a versatile player for the wings and we are delighted. Now there is work to put him in shape.

Q: We can perceive hope in the environment. Do you have to detach or to join it?
A: The hope is something great, it shows that there is trust. We must continue on the same line, with work and more work. The concept that the team is above all is seeping deep into the group.

Q: There are now more socios than the end of last year...
A: That means that the fans are happy with the impression left by the team. We want to see a team always having the identity of Deportivo: to be able to win in any field. I lived that wonderful time when we were in Europe without fear of anyone. That's an essence of Depor and we want to develop it.

Q: Your predecessor said that there was fear to win.
A: We're looking to improve every day, evolve, starting with the coaching staff. We want the team to have a winning mentality and identity regardless the opponent.

Q: Is there already that mentality?
A: Yes, totally. Without a doubt.

Q: You are methodical, did it hurt the goal in a corner from Valencia?
A: All goals hurt. There was a possible foul over Laure that ended in the corner and later an error by Sidnei in the mark. But I got angrier for the ball that we lost before in the transition, we talked about that before.

Q: Are you fixing a matchday to look up or down?
A: No, really we always focus on the next game. The goal is to clinch the permanence as soon as possible and try to play well. Being ambitious is always a target, trying to win.

Q: Do you see yourself many years at Depor?
A: My motivation at the moment of arriving wasn’t the league, but Deportivo. We would love to develop a project that lasts the more the better. Better than here you will only find a few places, it is a great club

Q: Is it encouraging to see the club signing in property and not completing many loans?
A: It's very important. This year we almost made a new squad. If next year there is a solid block already formed, then we would reach the pre-season with an important basis for further growth.

Q: Case closed with Luisinho?
A: He trains with the group as one more player. Everyone has the right to make mistakes and then correct. If it occurs, then the rules are applied and that's it. There is no kind of consequences.



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