09 Sep 2015
Laure conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the Madrilenian right-back is optimistic with Deportivo and believes the team has enough potential to end at mid-table.

Q: What is your personal goal?
A: To get the best version of Laure. In the end, no matter how, if it wasnít the injuries, it was the confidence of the coach and I want to give my best version for personal pride. I am not filled with the public consideration, but personal pride to get my best version.

Q: A lot of competence has arrived for everyone, but you have played in the first two matchdays.
A: Yes, neither I'm a flashy player, someone you miss when I'm not on the pitch, because I work maybe quieter, more for the good of the team. And maybe it creates more competition than others, but when a coach knows me and sees what I can give, then I always give the best for the good of the team.

Q: The club has completed a squad with a better quality than the previous one, is the time to demand more?
A: I think that we have to demand more. Ourselves with the statements we are doing, recognizing that we have a better squad, saying it is more balanced, also that we have to suffer less... In the end thatís our demand and it creates expectation. We assume that role and then must prove it on the field.

Q: Is possible to demand to end tenth?
A: I do feel that itís possible and I honestly think we have the team for that goal.

Q: The negative aspect of these first two matchdays was that you havenít won.
A: Of course, we still donít know how the team wins: how you put yourself ahead on the scoresheet, how you handle this situation or how you go for the second goal and the third goal. In the end it will come and we have to compete, because in the end what matters are the victories, because the tie is a poor outcome.

Q: What has changed in your mentality as a collective?
A: I think the key was to create an identity. Last season we saw a Deportivo that had three or four faces, you didnít know what was going to be the level shown in every game. We are trying to show a face saying: "This is Deportivo and it's how we want to play and how we want to develop the gamesĒ. Then one day you can be wrong, but almost always we are going to give an impression of competence and high competitiveness.

Q: How much is Depor missing in order to become competitive?
A: I would ask for a margin of seven matchdays, something reasonable to see people getting the concepts perfectly. Those of us that were here last year and from the full the pre-season know better what the coach wants, and that's important, because in the end, inadvertently, things that were already worked turn to be okay.

Q: Have you changed the perception that of the coach compared to the end of last season?
A: No, because he wanted that job, but there was no time. There was time to give confidence, to be brave and competitive, but not to generate that game. We had to save the team and we could not stand to play nice, but to win points.

Q: In this sense, did we found the same Victor that ended last season?
A: Yes... he now demands more than before, because we have more time and he enjoys it as there is more time to work.

Q: With the new renewal you are ready to spend eleven years in A CoruŮa, did you imagine it when you arrived?
A: Everyone has the dream of staying many years at his club, because it means you're doing well and you are happy. But the true is that I never got to imagine I could do my career here.

Q: Until arriving here, what was Deportivo for you?
A: A loved club, because from the distance it was a humble team, which was competing with the great ones, it was winning titles and we had affection and respect.

Q: But you were in Madrid's academy, donít tell me you didnít vibrate with the Centenariazo.
A: No, I was playing at the academy, but I liked more Atletico Madrid since been a child. I enjoyed playing there, but I had no feeling against any team.

Q: Now you are the captain, as the second oldest behind Manuel Pablo, what you will feel when you become the first?
A: Well I also hope I can be an example for people like him. To let them know that by doing things right, being humble and working hard, you can go far.




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