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16 Sep 2015
As it was expected everyone was satisfied with the first victory of the season, though Lucas accepted that he committed many errors defining the plays. Jémez was blaming himself and also the defensive error for the loss.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was content with the result and didn’t accept the idea that it was an easy win, “There isn’t an easy match. No matter the final result there isn’t an easy game in the first division of Spain. Today we had a good day, the first team has made a fantastic job and the only thing we can do is to congratulate our players, because thanks to this job we had this superiority and we can only congratulate the players, and to follow the same line as we need to keep improving. The team is following an ascending line.”

He denied the idea that the five points added so far are a tranquilizing thing for the coming weeks, “It’s absurd to think of that, and our planning isn’t to watch the standings after three matchdays. Our planning is the long term, we want to achieve the permanence as soon as possible, so we aren’t making any valorization in that regard. It’s useful to be very happy as the work done has giving its reward.”

The Madrilenian coach emphasized the work of the whole team, this after been asked about Lucas, “Lucas and the rest of the team were great. Lucas has a very important role in attack, we also valorize his contribution in defence, but the rest of the team is also important. He has to finalize the plays and initialize the pressure. German Lux, as example, has to start the attacking plays and be the last defender, and so on with the other players.”

Finally, Víctor didn’t want to say if he was expecting for a two-goal victory, “We don’t do a planning before the game thinking of a particular score, we plan searching the victory. It’s what we try, besides we had several opportunities in which Juan Carlos made a great job, so we could have scored more, but well it was fine.”

The three goal-scorers talked to the media. Celso Borges was satisfied with the victory and commented that, “Another year winning on here and I believe that it’s important to add in this start of season, today it was a matter of a point for each goal. We are having a good collective idea and are offering our best virtues.”

About the fact of scoring again at Vallecas, the midfielder said that, “It was a curious thing, a good cross by Luis Alberto and it is something that we have trained. The block was fine and we were going out quickly. We were trying to have the ball and then damage the rival. We were able to take the lead again very quickly and I believe that it was very important.”

Luis Alberto was highlighting the solid performance of the team, “The team has made a very serious game and we were fine. We studied the game and in the end everything worked out.  This is only starting, but it’s good to add points as soon as possible.”

The attacker believes that the second goal, scored by him, was the key, “I found that opportunity and we didn’t let them entering into the game. We have a clear idea and try to be a compact team, the true is that things are working out.”

Lucas Pérez scored the third goal and was satisfied with the performance of the Blanquiazul outfit, “The true is that it is a difficult pitch and we are content, the work done in Valencia has been productive. We are content. We are satisfied with the team and this is the line to follow. We must work with calm and continue in the same way.”

Despite scoring a goal, the Galician attacker wasn’t so happy with his performance, “The goal is the less important thing. The team has won and we were fine. I wasn’t fine up front as I didn’t make the correct decisions, but I am ambitious and must continue improving. I must learn from the errors.”

Captain Laure made a great game and believes that it reinforces the morale of the group, "It is a victory that we needed for our confidence. We are going in the right direction, but must remember that this is just starting."

At Rayo Vallecano, coach Paco Jémez was blaming the defensive errors for the defeat, "We were fine in the first part, especially on the defensive side, but later we missed aim in the last meters. We weren’t getting anything in attack and were condemned by the defensive errors. When you give so many facilities then you cannot win. You cannot make so many concessions. The impression left by the team wasn’t bad. We must improve other aspects. Our job is to try to do our best. We were too irregular in the second part and want to think that it was for the hurry, because the score wasn’t as good as in the first half.”

The team was whistled at the end of the game and the coach was blaming himself for it, “The players in the field do what I order to do. If they [the fans] disagree, they shouldn’t whistle the players, because it makes no sense. They have to whistle me because it isn’t helpful to whistle them, but the stand can do whatever they want and must demonstrate their joy or disappointment in the way they see is correct.”



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