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21 Sep 2015
First defeat on the season; Depor didn’t deserve to lose a game that was characterized by the defensive errors. Sporting had a 0-2 advantage by minute 7, the Galicians reacted, but fell down after the third goal for the Asturians.

As it was expected coach Víctor Sánchez was repeating the lineup for the third straight opportunity. The draw was a 4-3-3; German Lux was the goalkeeper, Laure covered the right side at defense, Fernando Navarro played at the left side, while the central positions were for Sidnei Rechel and Fernando Arribas.

The trio at midfield was Celso Borges, Fayçal Fajr and Pedro Mosquera, this time Fajr was performing on the left sector, just behind Luis Alberto, with Juanfran Moreno on the right wing and Lucas Pérez as the centre forward.

At Sporting, coach Abelardo Fernández presented some novelties in his 4-4-1-1 formation, starting with the fact that ex-Depor Roberto Canella was disputing his first minutes on the season covering the left side of the defense. Álex Menéndez was performing at the right wing with Miguel Ángel Guerrero and Paraguayan Antonio Sanabria as the main references up front.

Also, there was a last-minute change at Sporting de Gijón, Iván Cuéllar, who was a late doubt, wasn’t able to start after he was announced as the goalkeeper for the game, so second goalie Albert García was the starter.

Electric first half, with errors, but exciting. Sporting shocked the Riazor with two goals in a matter of seven minutes; Depor lasted in reacting, but when it happened it was strong enough to tie the game, and when Depor were close to claim a heroic lead the Asturians took the lead again thanks to a new error.

Depor started the game pushing, but the first chance to score and the first goal was scored by Sporting. Lora made a great play on the left side of the defense, eluding Navarro and releasing a precise cross that Toni Sanabria found alone at the box, the Paraguayan scored the first goal for the Asturians with a downward header.

Depor was knocked down and soon it came the second goal, and it was a repetition of the first goal. Halilović made a great play on the left, eluding Navarro and again Lora released a high cross that was met again by Sanabria to double the visiting advantage.

Only seven minutes had passed and Depor were in disadvantage for the first time on the season and it was down by two goals. The Galicians were in shock and instead of witnessing a reaction, they were constantly surpassed by the attacking line of the Asturians, who were looking pretty dangerous in every counterattack thanks to Alen Halilović.

Depor reacted until minute 15, Luis Alberto got the ball at the left side of the area and his strong shot was cleared by Alberto García, luckily for the locals in the resulting corner-kick Juanfran headed home the cross by Lucas Pérez.

The goal reinforced Deportivo and the locals started to push and reach the rival’s area, with Luis Alberto as the main threat with his moves on the left wing. At minute 22, Lucas missed the target after a new corner-kick for the locals.

Meanwhile, Alen Halilović was looking dangerous for the Asturians, Fernando Navarro was unusually looking ineffective containing the danger on his side, he even missed a pass that was close to cause a major upset.

And if Sporting scored two goals in the same way in a matter of seven minutes, Depor was going to do a similar thing in a matter of thirteen minutes. Depor got a new corner-kick after a play by Fajr, and in the following play Luis Alberto got the ball at the left corner of the area after been assisted by Mosquera and scored for the second straight game with a low shot that went into the bottom right-corner of Alberto García.

Depor was now the better team on the pitch and had two clear chances to claim the lead, but the deflection of Bernardo after he was trying to clear a cross from the left went close to the post (29’), and two minutes later the goal by Sidnei was ruled out due to a clear offside.

And just when the goal was surrounding Sporting’s area, the visiting team claimed the lead again. It was a counterattack after Mosquera committed an error in a throw-in. Alen Halilović perfectly managed the tempos and drilled the ball it into the path of Álex Menéndez, who was alone enough to cross Lux.

Quietest final part; Deportivo had enough chances at the beginning, but later lost the impulse and witnessed the first defeat on the season. Luis Alberto continued to be the best player in attack, while the changes never had an impact in the game. Both sides continued committing big defensive errors, but the attackers didn’t capitalize them, which was the big difference compared to the first half.

The final part started with a curved shot by Fajr that was blocked by Alberto García (47’), one minute later Lucas was close to capitalize a big error of the visiting defense as Bernardo couldn’t clear the ball properly, but the shot by the Galician attacker hit the right post when Alberto was already defeated.

Meanwhile, the roles on the field were the same than in the first part. Alen Halilović continued to be a headache for Depor’s defense with his moves and Luis Alberto continued to be the main threat for the locals.

With the passage of the minutes the pace became lower, Deportivo were trying to push and Luis Alberto had two straight chances, in the first his curved shot from the right corner of the box missed the target (59’) and three minutes later he collected the ball inside the area after a deflection but his low shot was blocked by Alberto.

In the middle of both plays Luisinho and Jonathan Rodríguez had replaced Navarro and Juanfran. The changes were promising to add speed to Depor, while at the same time Sporting moved back as Halilović was replaced by Carmona in a defensive change that was trying to contain Luisinho.

But Depor lost this impulse in the final minutes and didn’t create any harm, Cartabia replaced Fajr and the Argentine brought some ideas on the right wing, but it wasn’t enough to translate it into scoring opportunities. There was also a possible penalty for the Galicians after a defender handled the ball on the ground trying to block a play by Lucas.

With the changes missing to cause a solid reaction, the locals missed ideas within the final minutes and the only shot on target in this frame was a attempt by Mosquera that was an easy catch for Alberto García (90’).

First defeat on the season for a Depor that deserved more after completing 19 shots. The five goals in the game were scored in the first half and hour, later the Galicians had the control over the ball but were unable to create more harm despite Lucas hit the woodwork. The changes in the final part didn’t have a proper impact and Sporting didn’t suffer within the final ten minutes.

Depor are now at mid-table and face a busy week with two games in a matter of three days, the next meeting is the visit to Real Betis (Thursday, Benito Villamarín, 22h05 CET)

Deportivo: (4-3-3) Lux – Laure, Sidnei, Arribas, Navarro (Luisinho 61’) – Borges, Mosquera, Fajr (Cartabia 82’) – Juanfran (Jonathan Rodriguez 61’), Lucas, Luis Alberto.
Sporting: (4-4-1-1) Alberto García – Lora, Bernardo, Luis Hernández, Canella – Álex Menéndez, Cases (Mascarell 82’), Sergio Álvarez, Halilović (Carmona 66’) – Guerrero (Pablo Pérez 77’) – Sanabria.
Goals: 0-1: (3’) Sanabria, 0-2: (7’) Sanabria, 1-2: (15’) Juanfran, 2-2: (27’) Luis Alberto, 2-3: (33’) Álex Menéndez
Referee: Eduardo Prieto Iglesias. He showed yellow card to Cases (60’), Carmona (69’), Fajr (72’), Sanabria 77’), Sidnei (84’) & Luisinho (90+1’)
Venue: Riazor (25,801)
Other statistics: Ball possession (63% - 37%); Attempts to score (8 – 8); Total shots (19 - 4); Shots on target (9 - 4); Saves by the keepers (1 - 7); Corner-kicks (8 - 3); Offsides (1 - 2); Fouls committed (11 - 16); Passing accuracy (79% - 69%)




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