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22 Sep 2015
First defeat on the campaign. The players were disappointed for wasting so many chances, but the coach was satisfied due to the reaction of the team after been 0-2 down in just seven minutes.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was content despite suffering the first loss on this season, “There are defeats that leave you with many doubts, but that isn’t the case today. We have congratulated the players, because they made a good game, but we were penalized by the errors. We committed three errors and it cost us three goals.”

“We knew Sporting pretty well, we knew they were dangerous in the counterattack and they knew how to seize those three errors in the first part. They scored in three shots on target in the game, while we had eight clear chances and only made two. Effectiveness is what rules in football.” He added.

He was emphasizing the reaction after allowing two goals in seven minutes, “We congratulate the players because, normally, when you start losing 0-2, the normal thing is to surrender and have doubts, the normal thing is to even end with a more complicate result, but the team never gave up, it reacted, created many chances and later had that third error. And in the second half we had more chances to have a better result and the team sought the goal. We must keep improving.”

The Madrilenian coach denied that Sporting surprised with its game and also ruled out the idea that the team was asleep at the beginning of the meeting, “We weren’t surprised by Sporting, they are good in the output of the ball and I don’t think it was a matter of been too cold at the beginning of the game.”

Finally, Víctor repeated the idea that the coaching staff is content due to the performance of the team, “We had many chances to score, we were trying to attack by the sides and by the centre, and we only missed aim in some cases, and we must remember that were facing a rival against who is difficult to create opportunities. We are angered by the defeat, but content with the performance of the team, because it will make us grow.”

Lucas Pérez was saying that this setback isn’t affecting the plans for the future, “Despite the good results before Valencia and Rayo, I believe that Depor always had a clear idea. Today was a defeat before a team that was very effective, just when they missed that in their previous matches. Today they found four shots and three goals and well, we must keep improving and try to win at Real Betis. I am not losing the hope, not with one, two or three defeats. I keep my hope and believe in what we are doing. Today we had the chances and the ball didn’t want to enter.”

“When the rival scores two goals from two shots, especially in the first ten minutes, then you meet an unexpected situation. We fought and reached the tie, and when we were creating more opportunities they scored the third. In that sense we must correct things and keep improving.” The Galician attacker added.

Luis Alberto scored for the second straight week, but was upset with the loss, “You end up screwed for how the game was, we had more chances than the rival and in the end you go out with the defeat and it is painful, now we must try to have a better game against Betis and get the points.”

The Andalusian player was upset with the fact of allowing two similar goals in a short period of time, “You cannot start in that way, we cannot allow two goals in ten minutes. Later the team responded but the ball didn’t want to enter. They had four chances and scored three goal, while we had many more and we couldn’t take advantage of that. It is more painful as we allowed two goals in the same way.”

Laure was commenting the match, “We didn’t enter the game in the best way. They scored twice and you end up making a big effort to tie, and later in a counterattack they scored the third. The team made a solid job in the second part but we didn’t have luck before the goal. The fairest thing would have been a draw.”

The Madrilenian was talking of the errors committed in the goals, “Those are errors committed by the whole team, long plays on the sides in which we couldn’t prevent the cross and later the shot. Many things failed there and the team needs to improve, but neither is something to be worried. We had many chances to tie and even to win the game.”

Pedro Mosquera talked on Monday, he was feeling screwed as he thinks that Depor were the superior side in the game, “We are leaving with the feeling that we should have added, but were unable to add a point. Yesterday’s defeat is more painful because we were superior. But we cannot lose the hope; we talked about it with my team mates inside the changing room.”

At Sporting, coach Abelardo Fernández was describing the game, "The first half, for the coach, was bad, and for the viewer, beautiful. It was a crazy first half, our first fifteen minutes were spectacular. They, following their first goal, grew up and tied, we scored the third and with 2 -3 in the second half there was more control for them and we were retracted. It's a very good win."

"The three goals were very nice, three beautiful plays. I'm happy because it's hard to get three away goals and today we have faced a great opponent, they have done a good game, with good players and a very good coach, and were carrying a spectacular start n liga. We've won and it is an important and valued result before a good rival.”



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