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26 Sep 2015
Víctor was content with the win and didn’t consider that he made a revolution with the lineup, the players emphasizing different thing from the game, Juanfran talked of the continuity despite the changes and Navarro wants to keep both feet on the ground.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was emphasizing the effectiveness of his team, “In the end, in football, if you deserve something, it is transformed through the effectiveness before the goal. It’s a undisputed law. As any game we came from the victory, we knew it was going to be difficult before a Betis that want to be strong at their stadium. It’s difficult to get points from here and in this sense we prepared the game.”

He also talked of how his team seized the counterattack knowing how to overcome the hit of the equalizer, “We prepared ourselves to defend well and later tried to harm in attack. It was harder in the first half, maybe it scared us that first paly in which Lux failed to clear the ball. It was hard in the first half, but the team was solid at defence. They created problems with their crosses, but later didn’t complete shots, then we tried to harm through the counterattack and knew how to materialize it. Another fact is that the team reacted after the strong hit of the equalizer.”

The Madrilenian didn’t want to define the multiple changes made at the lineup as a revolution, “Neither a revolution nor a problem. We have a squad with twenty-six players and we are enchanted. We announced changes as the calendar was forcing us to do it. Today the players that were out entered and gave everything despite other players were above them.”

Finally, Víctor praised the performance of the players that were replaced, “Juan Dominguez made a great game, Fede too. Jonathan didn’t participate in the creation, because he is here for the definition. I don’t think the changed influenced in the problems had in the first half to create opportunities. It is a problem is the output of the ball, because we knew the rival was going to push, supported by the fans and perhaps that first chance created doubts, so the team felt more comfortable with the direct game.”

Juanfran returned to his firmer house and was content with the performance of the team, “I believe we are doing the right things, today we left a positive impression. We must try to continue in this way in order to get the goal as soon as possible.”

The Madrilenian was saying that Depor are strong as the changes aren’t affecting the performance of the team, “Today we had four changes and offered the same level, and that’s very important to make a solid season: to have changes and that it isn’t noticed. Hopefully we can get another victory on Sunday.”

Fernando Navarro also returned to Seville; he was content with the performance of the team, “I believe the team has made a very good game before a good team like Betis. The team knew how to play the game, despite the draw we showed our cards and were able to win the game.”

The left-back denied talking of Europe as Depor are 7th at the standings, instead he was talking of reinforcing the position of Depor at Primera, “We must keep growing, this is a very important year for the club. We need to consolidate ourselves at Primera and must move step by step. Everything is equal and as soon as we can add the points, the better.”

Juan Dominguez talked of the game after been a starter for the first time on the season, “I’m content for the victory, it is important to do it in a difficult pitch like this one and also because I had the chance to play. We had to run a lot, things worked out and we are returning with the three points.”

Fede Cartabia was emphasizing the importance of the victory after the previous setback, “The true is that it was an important victory as we missed the win during the weekend. Thankfully things worked out and it’s important to get a lot of points in this first round.”

The Argentine playmaker scored a marvelous goal and said that he is enjoying the moment, “I am really happy, after a long time I am feeling again as a footballer. I want to take advantage of my opportunity. I suffered a lot to get here and want to continue in the same way.”

German Lux was explaining why he celebrated the second goal with Cartabia, “He told me when we were at the bus. He told me that he was going to celebrate with me in case of scoring a goal. It was a pretty goal, we celebrate it, but it didn’t last too long and they equalized. But the team never surrendered and we were able to win.”

Lucas Pérez was a substitute and commented that, “The coach is who decides. We have a great team and the partners did a great job in the first part. They had their chances and didn’t seize the opportunities, while we had ours and seized them. We took advantage of the opportunity.”

At Real Betis, Pepe Mel was very unhappy with his team, "We had a silly day, we didn’t give pace to the ball despite it is the same team that played well in Valencia. Sincerely, the second half was eternal to me. The two goals killed us, but I think the problem is that we didn’t have pace in the game. We lacked intensity; we were unable to engage with the public, not once. "

"It is not fair to remember those who are not here today. Maybe with Portillo and N'Diaye the game would have been the same. We must now think of Gijón, because this will no longer gives us anything. I hope that when won’t have this slump again, because if we lower the performance then we are a team of the bunch." He ended.



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