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28 Sep 2015
First home victory on the season. It was an easy game with an effective Deportivo that had resolved the match in 47 minutes. Lucas scored twice and Víctor even refreshed the team at the middle of the second part.

More changes at Deportivo as coach Víctor Sánchez sent a 4-4-2 figure with six changes compared to the team that played at Real Betis. Lucas and Luis Alberto returned as it was expected and the big surprises were that both Albert Lopo and Oriol Riera were starters.

Lux was the goalkeeper, Juanfran Moreno was the right-back defender, Fernando Navarro performed on the left, the central positions were for Lopo and Sidnei Rechel, Celso Borges and Pedro Mosquera were the centre midfielders, Luis Alberto attacked from the right wing, Fayçal Fajr did it from the left, while Lucas Pérez joined Riera in attack.

At RCD Espanyol, Sergio González also surprised presenting an offensive 4-4-2 with both Felipe Caicedo and Gerard Moreno playing up front. Marcos Asensio performed behind the duo, while Roberto Correa was the starting choice on the right side of the defense replacing injured Arbilla.

Depor was the best team in the game, something that was clear since minute 9. Espanyol started well, but after the first goal it surrendered and the Galicians never found any opposition. The connection Lucas-Luis Alberto was again the guide of the team.

The game had a low pace at the beginning, with both sides trying to hold on the ball, but unable to create a scoring opportunities within the first five minutes. The first shot on target came at minute 7, it was a drilling attempt by Asensio that was an easy catch for Lux. Two minutes later Luis Alberto drilled the ball into the area and the crossed shot by Lucas missed the far post by inches. That was just a warning of what going to be the main connection in this game.

This action encouraged Depor and the Galician side started to dominate the game in the following minutes, stepping into the rival’s area and the first goal arrived soon. Asensio was booked for handling the ball at the left wing, Fajr took the free-kick and his cross into the area was headed into his own net by Álvaro González.

Depor continued growing in the game and, after a couple of crosses in a corner-kick action, Fajr got the ball at the left side of the area, but his strong shot went wide (18’). Two minutes later Luis Alberto got the ball at the edge of the area and his drilling and crossed attempt missed the target.

Espanyol reacted with a combinative play on the left wing that ended with Asensio trying to chip the ball, but Lux was there to make the save (23'). It seemed that the Catalan side was going to react, but it was only a mirage as Depor appeared on time to strike the second goal.

It was a deadly counterattack led by Lucas, the Galician attacker assisted Luis Alberto, who later assisted for the goal with a drilling pass that allowed Lucas to gently score with a crossed shot past visiting goalie Pau López. The connection Lucas-Luis Alberto was appearing again.

Everything seemed under control for the locals, but Espanyol pressed within the final five minutes. Their main opportunity was a curved shot by Diop from the edge of the area that hit the far post of Lux (41’).The half ended with Caicedo on the ground, he was knocked down by Lopo at the middle of the first half and had to be replaced at half-time by Hernán Pérez.

After the doubts at the end of the first part, Depor killed the game with an early goal that sentenced the meeting. Espanyol surrendered and Deportivo should have conquered a bigger win, but this time the lack of aim and the woodwork didn’t allow it.

The second half started with Depor attacking without any opposition, Fajr attempted with a curved shot that was blocked by Pau (46’), one minute later another deadly counterattack was going to bring the third goal. Fajr got the ball at midfield and sent a long pass, Lucas was offside, but Celso Borges was well positioned and ran on the right wing to drill the ball into the path of Lucas, who scored his brace with a drilling shot.

After the third goal Espanyol claimed the ball possession after making offensive changes, but it was a dead team without any idea and never represented a menace for the local defence. Their first and only opportunity in this half was a shot by Gerard Moreno that was an easy catch for Lux (58’).

Things looked so calm that Victor made changes refreshing the players with more minutes, thus Álex Bergantiños debuted on this season replacing Mosquera and before Laure had entered the field replacing Navarro.

Despite the Catalans were having the ball, Depor were closer to score. In this way Oriol Riera hit the crossbar (62’). He was assisted by Luis Alberto and, after a rebound, fired from inside the area and the ball hit the post with Pau already defeated.

At this point in the game Depor had completed four shots on target, three were goals and the other hit the crossbar. This effectiveness disappeared at the end of the second part as the Galicians missed clear opportunities to increase the lead.

The final substitution in the game was the entry of Fede Cartabia for Lucas. The Galician was the most dangerous player for the locals and received a deserved standing ovation. Cartabia was now playing on the right wing with Luis Alberto performing behind Riera, the Argentine became into the most dangerous player in this frame of the meeting, always searching for the ball and having scoring chances.

Espanyol played with ten men for the final ten minutes after Diop was sent off with two yellow cards, the second for a tough tackle over Cartabia. The Argentine completed the next shot on target in the game and the ball was blocked by Pau (80’).

There were two clear chances for Deportivo in the final minutes. First a direct free-kick by Cartabia passed close to the crossbar (90’) and later Oriol Riera was unable to seize a collective play as Pau blocked the ball (90+1’)

An effective Depor didn’t face any opposition before a RCD Espanyol that became a soulless team after allowing the third goal. Lucas and Luis Alberto led the team in attack, the first scored a brace and in the final frame of the meeting Cartabia was the most dangerous man. Riera had three clear chances, but could only hit the woodwork.

With this solid start, and after a busy week with the team picking six points in three matches, Depor are now sixth at the standings with 11 points. On Saturday, Deportivo visit Granada CF (Los Carménes, 18h15 CET).

Deportivo: (4-4-2) Lux – Juanfran, Lopo, Sidnei, Navarro (Laure 54’) – Luis Alberto, Mosquera (Álex Bergantiños 61’), Borges, Fajr – Lucas (Cartabia 68’), Oriol Riera.
Espanyol: (4-4-2) Pau López – Correa, Álvaro González, Roco, Duarte – Asensio, Diop, Víctor Sánchez (Sylla 56’), Víctor Álvarez (Burgui 54’) – Caicedo (Hernán Pérez 46’), Gerard Moreno
Goals: 1-0: (13’) Álvaro González (o.g.), 2-0: (26’) Lucas, 3-0: (46’) Lucas
Referee: Jose María Sánchez Martínez.  He showed yellow card to Asensio (12’), Lopo (23’), Lucas (25’), Laure (63’), Roco (72’), Álex Bergantiños (75’) & Duarte (77’). Diop was sent off with two yellow cards (33’ & 77’)
Venue: Riazor (21,753)
Other statistics: Ball possession (48% - 52%); Attempts to score (8 – 4); Total shots (14 - 7); Shots on target (5 - 3); Saves by the keepers (3 - 2); Corner-kicks (7 - 5); Offsides (5 - 2); Fouls committed (11 - 11); Passing accuracy (82% - 83%)




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