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29 Sep 2015
Satisfaction with the performance of the team, though the coach and his players want to be cautious and keep both feet on the ground as the team reached the sixth position at the standings.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was satisfied with the performance of the team, “We are pretty content for the work done by the team. Of course I believe that the final score is a reflection of what happened on the pitch. We have congratulated the players for the work done.  We are happy for them and for our fans, because we were wishing to offer a victory to them and it couldn’t be in a better way than of what happened in the game..“

He was emphasizing the fact of clinching two wins in a small frame of time and using the rotations, “We were solid in all the aspects. We prepared a tactical variation taking in mind that the rival had two more days for the rest and everything was perfect. We are pretty content. These two games in a small frame were disputed by 18 players, and that’s an important data to us. We have said it before: we count with all the players and all of them should fell important, some will have more minutes, but all of them are giving their best each day at Abegondo. We want to keep improving.”

The Madrilenian admitted that the fans are hopeful with Depor lying at the sixth place, “We are enchanted with the fact that our fans are feeling hopeful, because the best currency to pay the fans is to bring joy. The fans have high expectations and we are enchanted. We will try to feed them and it won’t affect us in our daily work as we keep both feet on the ground.”

He also explained that the changes were made in order to refresh the players with more minutes, this after been asked for Fernando Navarro, “We need to dose the team and the effort. The player with more minutes evidently have the biggest chance to face muscular problem; he had a small muscle issue and we needed to prevent injuries.”

The coach praised the performance of Oriol Riera, this after a reporter asked about the bad luck of the striker at the moment of trying to score, “He could have this bad luck all the time, because he has made a great game. He only missed the reward of the goal, but what matters here is the success of the team. We achieved the victory with an important result and Oriol is feeling enchanted for doing a great job on the pitch. For us there is no problem.”

Asked about the positon of Lucas as centre forward, he commented that, “We are working since the pre-season in order to have a versatile team. The polyvalence of our players allow us to play with different systems and we are working with that. We try to not be predictable and in this sense Lucas can perform in different positons and in different systems.”

Finally, Víctor didn’t give importance to the fact that Depor are sixth at the standings, “We are only at the beginning of the league and the standings are circumstantial. There aren’t enough games to make deep analysis and valorize tendencies, this is volatile, you can have a run of bad results and we can only rely in our work. We don’t make conclusions with our current position, because what matters is the position at the end of the tournament.”

German Lux was content with the performance of the team, “I’m content for the victory and for how the game was. I believe the team never suffered, only a shot that hit the post, and from there we didn’t suffer any occasion. We claimed the lead and are worked the set-pieces. Things are working out and the second goal came in a counterattack. The team dominated the full 90 minutes and we are content. We dedicate the victory to the fans.”

The Argentine goalie isn’t thinking of the current position of Depor, “We are content with the points that we have, but we keep both feet on the ground thinking that this is just starting. We must follow this lane, the squad has depth and anybody playing is demonstrating this, this is important as the competence is healthy. We don’t lose our mind as we only have a goal. The burden is important if you look yourself at the bottom and we must keep going.”

Lucas Pérez was on the spotlight after scoring a brace, he was content with the result, “We needed this result at home. We are content for the 3-0 before a rival that was coming after clinching two good results and we are pretty content. The team fought hard to clinch the clean sheet. The rotations were good and we are hopeful.”

He was showing his support to Oriol Riera after the chances that the striker had, “We must remain calm. You should be calm as Oriol will score, you will see. The important thing is to have chances, in this case there was some bad luck, but you work for this. He is just returning from a muscle injury. We must rely in him and in Jonathan. They will score the goals.”

Pedro Mosquera was giving his view of the game, “We were fine since the beginning, we were plugged since the start as we were warned. We were hoping to win at home and luckily we scored two goals soon, later we scored the third soon in the second part. The coach knew how to manage the modifications and the game was good in all the aspects.”

The midfielder said that it isn’t an accident to see Depor at the sixth position, “Truly it is important to have eleven points at this height of the competition. It gives the impression that it hasn’t been a matter of facing low rivals in some punctual matchdays, no, after six matchdays it means that the team is doing the right things. We must continue working like this.”

At RCD Espanyol, Sergio González admitted that his team had a terrible game, "The whole team lacked more pace. We are used to doing well or badly and we have to work hard, so we neither will be as good nor as bad.”

"Depor have been better than us. They started with more speed. The own goal has diminished us, because every time we allow a goal it turns to be hard for us to come back, the second goal killed us in a lack of concentration. Before the break, we gave the best impression of the game. In the second part, we were going to push, but at the 47’ they scored the third and it ended there. We haven’t managed to compete. Depor took advantage of it. We must turn the page and think of Sporting." He added.



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