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29 Sep 2015
Deceiving result for what Racing Vilalbés did in the first half. The score was 1-1 at half-time, and Fabril was a hurricane at the beginning of the second part. Óscar scored hat-trick to take his tally to five goals in two games.

Coach Manu Mosquera lost again keeper David Gómez, who suffered a knee injury on last Saturday. Ramón Rodríguez from Juvenil A was picked to be the option on the bench as Anxo Pérez returned to the goal. Strikers Borja Domingo and Marcos Legaz were also out injured.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1 figure with several novelties. Anxo was the keeper, Blas Alonso stayed at the right side in defense, Lucas Viña played at the left, the centre-backs were Iago López and Róber Suárez. Edu Expósito and Bamba Ndiaye were the centre midfielders, the latter was making his first appearance as a starter. Álex Corredera attacked from the left wing, Ángel Fernández did it from the right, Juan López was the playmaker and Óscar Garcia was the centre forward.

The rival was Racing Vilalbés. A team that’s always aspiring to the first positions but that’s having a slow start after only adding three points in the previous four games. Coach Óscar Gilsánz was relying in striker Iago Blanco.

Anyone only watching the final score could think that it was an easy match for Depor B, but it was deceiving result, because Racing Vilalbés deserved to lead the score by half-time, and when the visiting team stepped into the field for the second part just found a steam roller that scored three goals in fifteen minutes and, to make things worse, they have to play with one less man for 35 minutes.

And it’s that in only ten minutes Racing Vilalbés had already had three chances to score that gave a lot of problems to Anxo, the main chance was a bad pass by Iago García that was seized by Gerardo, but the shot was deflected by Anxo and later hit the post (9’).

Fabril were suffering due to the high pressure from the rival, but the local team managed to find an isolated play to take the lead. All thanks to an inspired Óscar García, the most dangerous player on the pitch. In past weeks it was Álex Corredera the motor of the team, but now the role is for the 19-year-old winger.

He was putting pressure over keeper Javier Ares ‘Viusky’, who committed a big error failing to clear the ball properly and Óscar just had to push the ball in from close range. He had a clear chance to double the score after a pass by Blas Alonso, but his short-range shot was saved by Viusky.

However Racing Vilalbés continued to be the best team on the pitch and Make and Rubén Gómez had chances to score in which they missed the target, then a new error caused a goal, this time Iago López missed a pass and midfielder Diego Villares seized the occasion to tie the game.

It gave the feeling that the visiting team was deserving to lead the game by half-time, but that picture was wiped off in just nine minutes.  Mosquera ordered a change for the second part as Jorge Fernández replaced Lucas Viña, a more offensive choice to join Corredera, but the hurricane came from the right wing, with Óscar completing his hat-trick in just nine minutes.

First Óscar collected a pass by Edu Expósito and scored through an accurate low shot into the near post of Viusky. Just six minutes later the quick winger collected a long pass by Jorge and was entering the area when centre-back Javier Varela fouled him.

The referee whistled the penalty and sent off the defender. Óscar scored the penalty and took his tally to five goals scored in two games, actually at this point he had scored the last five goals of the team. Suddenly Vilalbés found out a completely different picture in the second part, from been deserving a better luck they were down by two goals and were playing with ten men for the last 35 minutes. A burden that was impossible to overcome.

So, Fabril didn’t have problems in the last stretch of the meeting and even scored two more goals. The first by Edu Expósito with an impressive shot from the edge of the area that went into the top left corner of Viuski and later with a header by Jorge in a corner-kick taken by Óscar. With the game resolved Mosquera refreshed the team with the entries of Pancho Cotos and Hugo Rama.

Big win for Fabril, perhaps the score was deceiving, but it helps the morale of a team that’s now the leader in the league tied with UD Barbadás and Arosa SC. Great game for Óscar with a hat-trick and an assist. On next weekend the team faces a big challenge visiting CCD Cerceda, the fourth place only one point behind Depor’s lads.

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Anxo – Blas Alonso, Róber, Iago, Lucas Viña (Jorge 46’) – Edu Expósito, Bamba  (Pancho Cotos 60’) – Ángel, Juan López,  Corredera – Óscar (Hugo Rama 79’).
Racing Vilalbés: (4-2-3-1) Viuski – López. Javi Varela, Xusto, Álex Pérez – Hugo Criado (Pablo Vivero 65’), Make - Rubén Gómez, Villares, Iago Blanco (Javi Rey 81’) – Gerardo (Andrés 55’)
Goals: 1-0: (19’) Óscar García, 1-1: (40’) Diego Villares, 2-1: (48’) Óscar García, 3-1: (54’) Oscar García (penalty), 4-1: (55’) Edu Expósito, 5-1: (64’) Jorge Fernández.
Referee: Daniel Calderón Pérez. He showed yellow card to Róber (7’), Corredera (47’), Hugo Criado (54’), Álex Pérez (56’), Diego Villares (73’) and Óscar García (75’). Javier Varela was sent off (54’).
Venue: Abegondo (500).





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