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03 Oct 2015
Depor’s coach denies that there’s euphoria inside the changing room and says that the team is only focused in the permanence. Granada’s manager isn’t worried for the lack of victories at home.

José Ramón Sandoval Huertas is a Madrilenian coach better known for his success at Rayo Vallecano. He already spent nineteen years working as a coach and in the major part of the time he worked with Madrilenians clubs.

The true is that he didn’t have much success in his first decade as a football coach, because he didn’t clinch anything important with C D Humanes, AD Parla and Club Atlético de Pinto. After a small stage coaching the regional squad of Madrid he landed at Getafe B.  He qualified the team for the promotion playoffs to Segunda B, but failed in the attempt.

And then Sandoval landed at Rayo Vallecano in 2007 and his luck changed for good, because he firstly conquered the first promotion of the B squad to Segunda B and three years later took charge of the first team and clinched their last promotion to Primera. Suddenly he was considered as a coach with a daring an offensive proposal. He clinched the salvation at Primera during the season 2011/12, but a nasty confrontation with the Bankruptcy Administration of the club pushed him out after five years at the club.

Later he didn’t have good luck with Sporting Gijón and arrived to Granada CF at the end of last season to live a real “miracle” as the Andalusians added 10 of the last 12 points in dispute to clinch a miraculous salvation. Things didn’t start well on this campaign and his Granada CF already lost 5 of the 6 liga meetings played so far. This is his first meeting with Víctor Sánchez Del Amo.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he talked to reporters for ten minutes. He was saying that there’s no euphoria at the team after the recent results, “We prepare the game with hope, as anyone, with the intention of having a plan allowing us to be competitive and clinch the victory; if we do it right then we will be chaining good results and improve the stats, but we don’t plan any work thinking of stats. In this way we will clinch the goal of the club, which is the permanence.”

“The high expectations among the fans are enchanting us, it’s a way to see the good work done by the team, but we cannot be distracted passing from that external debate to the internal debate. The mission of the club is to defend what we already have, like the rest of clubs at Primera División. We have to defend that. We aren’t looking the standings and aren’t imposing other challenges, because our challenge is to add three points each Sunday.  The word euphoria doesn’t exist inside the changing room, because there’s no motive for it. Yes there’s hope and will to continue improving.”

Asked about the status of some players, he was explaining the situation with Luisinho, who didn’t pass a pate test, “He wasn’t able to train today, he has a knock in one ankle and yesterday he damaged that zone. He now needs to recover.”

Another question was related to the absence of Lopo, “It’s the opposite to what happened to him on last week, form been out of the roster he passed to play and complete a magnificent game, but we have a lot of players at the squad, there’s competence and each game needs a different planning, besides we can only have eighteen players in the roster. I said it each week: we are enchanted with all the players and their absence has nothing to do with negative issues, but it is the competiveness inside the group.”

Then the Madrilenian coach explained why there are only two centre-backs in the roster, “We have more options for that spot, we have polyvalent players at the team and we can handle different alternatives. So, we understand that we aren’t undercover in any position.”

Víctor also explained that Jonás Gutiérrez is fit to play, “He travels having the same possibilities than the rest of his team mates. His evolution has been good, because in our dynamic everybody arriving finds a quick adaptation. He’s able to play whenever the coaching staff considers that it is right.”

He didn’t want to affirm if there will be rotations for this game,  “We haven’t talked to the players about this; the first ones that must know this are the players, if I said it before the game against Betis it was because I had  previously talked to the players. In this case we haven’t said anything to them as we haven’t decided anything yet.”

Finally, Víctor was analyzing the rival, “It’s a tough opponent, with players of a high level. We are among the lowest budgets in the league and there ae clubs with the possibility to sign important players, and Granada is a club with those characteristics. They aren’t having a good run of results, especially at home, but we aren’t overconfident. They have great individualities, in any moment they can start playing well; actually they made a great game at Valencia. We must be prepared to face the best possible rival.”

Granada’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he was talking of Deportivo, "Depor have started better than Granada in terms of points, I think the playing level of Granada has also offered some interesting things during this season. It’s a very compact team and commits very few errors. They have very clear ideas and it has even changed in several times the gameplay adapting to the opponent, but without losing the philosophy, which is to be very vertical having the ball. "

He didn’t give importance to the lack of wins at home, "I think that what happened it is in the past, it is already gone, we had to pay a high price in this toll for all of us that want to build from here forward, and the players have been assimilating things that shouldn’t be repeated.”

"I have a group that works well collectively, I am very happy to see people so involved in the project despite the mistakes we have made. Above all we want to win a home game to prove that this team can win at home as we demonstrated to be compact and solid in defense on the road.”

Finally, Sandoval was asked about the absences of Thievy and Edgar Méndez from the roster, and he said that, "Every game is different and the coach has to try out what he believes will work, regardless of the fact that all of them should be in, because the level of intensity in the trainings has been real good during this week".



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