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04 Oct 2015
Tasteless point for a Deportivo that could have clinched a victory. The Galicians claimed the lead and later Jonathan missed a clear chance to net the 0-2, later Granada equalized.

Coach Víctor Sánchez switched into a 4-4-2 figure and did it making three changes. The expected modification took place as Alejandro Arribas performed at the centre of the defence, while Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ claimed the right spot at defense and Uruguayan Jonathan Rodríguez was the centre forward.

German Lux was the starting goalie, Laure played at the right-back position, Fernando Navarro performed on the left, Sidnei joined Arribas at the centre. Pedro Mosquera and Celso Borges were the centre midfielders, Luis Alberto attacked from the right wing, Fayçal Fajr did it from the left and Lucas Pérez joined Jonathan up front.

At Granada CF, coach Sandoval was playing with Robert Ibañez on the right wing, whle Brazilian Matheus Doria joined Lombán at the centre of the defence. Rubén Rochina and Moroccan Youssef El-Arabi were the references in attack.

Depor’s goal changed the game; before minute 25 the match was open with both sides failing to control the actions at midfield and committing errors, but after the goal, the visiting outfit settled on the pitch and was close to score the second through the counterattack before a nervous rival.

The game started with Deportivo having the initiative, though the Galicians were unable to complete a shot on target within the first ten minutes (they only completed one in the whole half). The Andalusians completed their first shot on target at minute 7, El-Arabi fired from long distance and Lux made the save.

Then Depor had two chances through the counterattack, in the first Fajr missed the target from the edge of the area (8’) and two minutes later Jonathan couldn’t chip the ball properly after a poor clearance by the local defence.

At this point the game turned to be open as both sides had a chance in set-pieces; first Jonathan missed the target after local goalie Andrés couldn’t clear a lateral free-kick by Lucas Pérez (11’), two minutes later Lombán headed the ball out during a lateral free-kick for Granada.

No one was dominating the actions, there were goal opportunities for both sides, but it happened more for the zero control of both midfield sectors and for the errors in the passes, in the case of the Galicians they ended the half with a poor passing ratio (62%). Like what happened at minute 18, with Jonathan recovering the ball in attack just to see Luis Alberto missing the target with his curved shot.

And then Deportivo scored the first goal in the game. And it was another ball lost by Granada at their side of the field (3 in this half). Luis Alberto made a short pass to Fernando Navarro, who later made a low cross from the left wing, just into the path of Fayçal Fajr, who scored with a strong shot from inside the area and into the near post of Andrés.

The goal changed the game plan; now Granada CF were having the ball, while Depor were waiting at the back. The Andalusians were having big problems to create opportunities and each time they were losing the ball, then Depor were looking pretty dangerous in the counterattack, mainly on the left wing.

An example of these actions were the last two Depor’s opportunities in this half, at minute 25, the cross from Luis Alberto passed close to the crossbar, while at minute 40, a great counterattack by Lucas on the right wing ended with Borges missing the target from the edge of the area.

Lucas and Luis Alberto were the most dangerous players at Depor, which has been the common picture on this season. Meanwhile, Jonathan Rodriguez didn’t look comfortable as he missed a couple of chances in the counterattack

The script was the same of the first part, but there was a big change as Granada weren’t losing the ball so easily, reason why Depor didn’t have too many counterattacks. Jonathan should have scored the second and later the locals tied the actions.

Sandoval made the changes at half-time, Piti and Success entered the pitch, but Depor was the side having the chances to score at the beginning of the half. The visiting team had two in only three minutes. In the first Luis Alberto fired from the inside the box after collecting a low cross from the right, but Andrés made the save (47’), and in the next play Jonathan incredibly missed the target.

The Uruguayan collected a drilling cross from Luis Alberto coming from the left, it was a perfect pass that left him alone at the far post, but he missed the open goal from five meters.  Substitute Piti had the first chance for Granada in the half, it was throw-in in which he released a strong shot from 25 meters that hit the far post of Lux.

Granada started to grow in the game after this opportunity, and then Víctor made the first change as Jonás Gutiérrez debuted replacing Jonathan. The substitution pulled Luis Alberto into the centre of the attack. The Argentine winger didn’t have an important participation in the game, but at least improved the pale impression left by the Uruguayan attacker.

The game plan continued to be the same: Granada were having the ball and Depor were locked at the back. The difference this time was that the Andalusians were looking more dangerous and weren’t losing the ball so easily, so the Galicians had big problems to release the counterattack.

And then Granada scored the equalizer after insisting in a play in which the defence missed to clear the ball. Robert Ibañez made a short cross from the left and Piti arrived to the penalty spot to score with a low shot. In the previous play there was a clear offside that wasn’t whistled.

Then Víctor made the second substitution and Oriol Riera replaced Luis Alberto. The modification didn’t work out as Depor missed depth. It only created a chance to score at minute 78 with a low shot by Borges that was blocked by Andrés.

Granada pushed with the final fifteen minutes, but they never left the feeling of been a menace for Lux. Their only chance was a header of Rene Krhin in a corner-kick action that missed the target (83’).

Depor remain undefeated on the road, but the game left the feeling that Los Blanquiazules dropped two points after having the big chance to claim a 0-2 lead at minute 48. Neither the Galicians played a great game, they had a poor passing ratio (67%) and didn’t look settled, mainly in the second part.

Now there’s an international break, so Deportivo will return in a fortnight in order to host Athletic Club at the Riazor (October 18, 20h30 CET).

Granada: (4-3-3) Andrés – Miguel Lopes, Doria, Lombán, Biraghi – Rico (Success 46’), Krhin, Márquez – Robert (Nico López 76’), El-Arabi, Rochina (Piti 46’)
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Lux – Laure, Sidnei, Arribas, Navarro – Fajr, Borges, Mosquera, Luis Alberto (Oriol Riera  67’) - Lucas Pérez, Jonathan (Jonás Gutiérrez 57’).
Referee: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido. He showed yellow card to Jonás Gutiérrez (62’), Arribas (86’), Riera (89’) & Success (90+1’)
Goals: 0-1: (25’) Fajr, 1-1: (65’) Piti
Venue: Los Cármenes (25,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (53% - 47%); Attempts to score (3 – 5); Total shots (10 - 14); Shots on target (3 - 3); Saves by the keepers (2 - 2); Corner-kicks (2 - 5); Offsides (1 - 3); Fouls committed (13 - 21); Passing accuracy (71% - 67%)




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