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01 Nov 2006
First it was Fabril, and now it’s Deportivo who is Santa Comba’s new victim. Santa Comba is a Tercera team who has defeated both teams in a period of just three weeks. Caparr??s used this game as a test for Saturday's confrontation against Barcelona. He used two different lineups for each half of the match. The main news was the goal scored by Andrade. It was his first after the serious injury that he suffered last season.

Caparr??s sent his 'B squad' on during the first half of the match. The team included Antonio Barrag??n as left back, and the return of De Guzm??n after the thigh injury he suffered with Canada's national team. Verd??, Filipe and Manuel Pablo, three of the supposed starters for Saturday's game, also participated during the first period.

The three goals arrived in a period of just four minutes. First Jorge Andrade headed into goal a free-kick taken by Verd??. But Santa Comba reacted quickly and scored in just three minutes. The hero was Pablo Mart?­nez who scored the two goals with individual actions. The game lost some of its rhythm and there weren't many more chances to score until half-time.

For the second half, Caparr??s made ten changes and played a team that should be very similar to the one against Barcelona. The main change in this team was the presence of Rodri as left back since Capdevila was rested for Saturday's encounter. Despite having its best men on the pitch, Depor was unable to score more goals. Now, Caparr??s must make conclusions based on this about the starting lineup to be used against Barcelona.

Santa Comba: David - Angel, Lobo, Gonzalo, Manu - Doro, Del Val, C?©sar, Iv??n - Pablo Mart?­nez, Jorge. Also played during the second half: Juan, Pibe, To?±o, Pablo, Sergio Leis, Dani, Sol?­s, Alex, Bruno and Borja.
Deportivo: Mun??a - Manuel Pablo, Andrade, Juanma, Barrag??n - Duscher, De Guzm??n - Estoyanoff, Verd??, Filipe - Adri??n. Also played during the second half: Aouate, Arbeloa, Lopo, Rodri, Sergio, Coloccini, Arizmendi, Juan Rodr?­guez, Cristian and Riki.
Goals: 0-1: (33') Andrade, 1-1: (34') Pablo Mart?­nez, 1-2: (36') Pablo Mart?­nez.
Referee: V??zquez Alvite. He showed Jorge Andrade a yellow card (42').
Venue: A Fontenla (1,500).

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