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08 Oct 2015
Laure addressed the media on Wednesday; the captain of Deportivo is happy with the performance of Deportivo and thinks that the international break might not be a benefit for the team.

Depor’s captain Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ talked to reporters after Wednesday’s training; he is content for the current situation of the team in la liga, at the same time he is not happy with the pause caused by the international break, “The beginning was good and the true is that this break isn’t good to us as what you want is to follow the same lane, but well it is what it is. You must be prepared for next game.”

“Yes, the break can be useful in order to rest, but the fact is that you can get distracted, because to not have a week of competition means that you aren’t in a dynamic that has been positive for us. If it was it for me the breaks aren’t good.” He added.

The Madrilenian is aware of the criticism that he normally faces during the seasons, “You know that when you spend a lot of years in one club it is complicated. There are always magnifier glasses and the fans want to see new faces, but I feel fine. I believe I’m doing a good job, but also need to improve like the rest of players. I am fine.”

Laure is also satisfied for the current position of the team, “The true is that we are very happy, especially for the feelings that we have, as example the last away game, to see the rival only completing two or three shots on target, it makes you feel save and that what you are doing on the field is fine, it is translated into points.”

Asked about if Depor will be able to keep living at the first positions, the answer was, “We are a reliable team, we are competing in all lines, but it’s also true that we will face tougher games and we want to see how the team responds.”

Then he talked of Athletic Bilbao, the next rival, “They like to use the crosses and have good players to head the ball. With Raul Garcia on you must be alert with the crosses. All of us must remember that we are in competition and that the next three points are very important. Nobody can be distracted, because the competition is on fire.”

The right-back was comparing the situations lived on last season with the current campaign, “Last year the feeling was weird, but on this season there’s a special communion on the field, everything is special. It’s spectacular and when we play on the road we must thank the fans for their support. We are seeing a spectacular response.”

Finally, Laure commented on the fact that he already has four yellow cards on his tally, “Yes the referees aren’t respecting me [he smiles], normally I know how to control it, but it’s true that there are plays in which you have to cut the ball and you don’t think too much about the yellow cards.” 




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