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11 Oct 2015
Luis Alberto is feeling content at Deportivo. He talked to reporters after the last training in the week and said that he will like to stay for next year. He is aware that Depor might end its positive streak, but want to extend it for the rest of the year.

Attacker Luis Alberto conceded a press conference after the last training in the week. He cleared the doubts about his physical condition after only completing part of the session, “I’m fine, just some small issues that I was dragging, it is an adductor problem. I just skipped the hardest part of the training in order to be ready for Tuesday [first training on next week]. I will be ready for the next game, we needed to take advantage of the break in order to be ready.”

Then he said that Deportivo must try to extend the positive streak until December, “Things are working out and we must continue working. This is just starting. The group is content, but we are aware that this is just starting. The good streaks always have an end and we will try to extend it to get the largest number of points that’s possible, we must try to extend it until the next break in December.”

The Andalusian man was asked about his relation on the field with Fajr and Lucas Pérez, and the response was, “It’s easy to find an association when you have players like Fayçal or Lucas. They have quality and it’s easy to move the ball with them, especially with Lucas, because we are more together. It’s surprising for the small period of time that we have been together, but it isn’t surprising taking in mind their quality.”

It called the attention his words about what coach Víctor Sánchez did for him on this season, “This year I had doubts about myself and, thanks to the coach, he convinced about a lot of things, and thank God I am having fun doing what I want, which is to play. Truly I lost my self-confidence; I knew him from before and were aware that he was going to help me in order to earn back that confidence. He knew where to push and I know that I can offer more things to this club.”

Luis Alberto even left open the possibility to stay at Depor for next season, “In June we will see where I will play. If I have to stay here it is because I did the right things and will be enchanted, and if I have to go back there then it’s fine. “If I am happy here, why to change? Why to change when you are content in a club and in a city?”



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