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02 Nov 2006
Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s is preparing a combination in midfield between Sergio and Coloccini. After an experiment with Juan Rodr?­guez, the Sevillan coach seems to be preferring the same duo that has performed during the last liga games. Both players talked about their expectations for this match.

The duo Sergio-Coloccini seems to be the final choice of Caparr??s for Saturday's game against Barcelona. It was speculated that Juan Rodr?­guez would replace the Argentinean midfielder, but the latest tests have changed the view.

Sergio knows that the task is complicated and hopes to see the group united, as he said yesterday: "Barcelona is a team that possess great mobility and also a lot of tricks, let's see if the both of us are capable of shutting down their offensive efforts in order to control the game. We must be very careful and we will need the help of our team mates."

The Catalan had praise for the rival and also analysed the best way to defeat them: "Barcelona has a great level and we all know how they play, it's almost impossible to take the ball from their feet. For me the important thing is to have the ball, and when we don't, we must be creating pressure and not let them think too much, we will not let them display their football trickery."

Fabricio Coloccini also had comments before the match, he is saying that the important thing for the players is to believe in their own ability: "We will face the champion of la liga and also of Europe, we are talking about one of the best teams, but we also want to win in order to achieve our own objectives. On the pitch the confrontation is between 22 men, and we will never surrender, this squad will try to defeat any rival that's in front of us."

The Argentinean also spoke about the advice that Caparr??s has given him, "He said that that the football of Barcelona starts on their feet, and that we have to work hard in order to block their mobility. Besides Xavi and Deco are players that possess individual skills that are capable of changing the result of any game." Finally, Coloccini doesn't think that the absence of Eto'o would affect the game of the Catalans: "Everybody would miss him, because he is a great striker. But I think that Barcelona has also other great players, ones that possess a great level. This fact can be seen with the results already achieved by them."

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