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20 Oct 2015
Deportivo showed again a fighting spirit that allowed a comeback that seemed impossible, Víctor failed with the starting lineup and Lucas is still scoring. Those are among the six notes from the match against Athletic.

It was a bad game by Deportivo, but there are more positive notes than negative conclusions. The late reaction masked a poor performance that was freezing the fans in the peñas day of the season. The main conclusion is that this Deportivo never surrender and the demonstration is that it has only lost once on this campaign.

Lucas is still demonstrating that he is the man to follow and this time Juanfran showed that he can be important. The main worry is that the players that aren’t normal starters aren’t matching the level of the rest, a clear example was Juan Dominguez, who barely touched the ball in the game.

1- Fighting spirit: It wasn’t a good game by Deportivo. For 35 minutes in each half the team failed completely and should be understand as the worst game so far, but once again the players showed a fighting spirit to overcome the adversity, a survival instinct that led to hit the woodwork twice and the first half and score two goals in the second.

And it isn’t the first time that this reaction is witnessed. This was only the second game on the season with Depor down on the scoresheet and in the previous opportunity, against Sporting Gijón, the team also came from behind from a 0-2 disadvantage, though in that opportunity it ended losing the match. It’s the big difference compared to last season and definitely a reason to watch Depor on this year.

2- Wrong starting lineup: If against Granada CF Víctor failed with the substitutions this time he failed with the starting eleven. He was too worried about Athletic’s aerial game and made three changes (Juanfran, Juan Dominguez and Cani).

Despite Juanfran was the best player in the game the other two modifications didn’t work. Juan Dominguez was whistled after only touching the ball ten times in the first half and only thirteen in the whole game. Cani made more touches (43), but wasn’t a factor. Those two modifications are among the reasons why Depor had a poor performance in attack.

3- Cartabia is still knocking at the door: Once again Fede Cartabia came out of the bench to end showing interesting things. In only one minute he earned a corner-kick and had an attempt to score. He gave the assist for the second goal and demonstrated that he deserves a new chance as a starter.

4- Lucas is pure gold: It wasn’t a good game for Lucas Pérez, in the major part of the match he was disappeared and even slipped twice when the team was going to have a goal opportunity, but like any goal hunter ne only needed one chance to demonstrate his state of grace and ended scoring the best goal of the matchday.

The Galician attacker has now added five goals to his tally and is the fifth best scorer at Primera división. The last time a Depor’s player had scored a similar number of goals was on the season 2004/05 with Walter Pandiani netting six goals in the first eight matchdays.

5-Juanfran’s great game: Juanfran Moreno has been criticized by some part of the fans, in past games he has failed with his crosses and didn’t impress performing as a winger. In this game he was moved back to the right-back position and was the best player in the match.

Juanfran was the player with more touches at Deportivo (91); he had a good job in defence and participated in the offensive game; actually both goals were born from his crosses coming from the right wing.

6- Bad moment for the substitutes: Apart from Cartabia, the players that aren’t normal starters aren’t matching the level of the rest. Juan Dominguez had a terrible game, Cani was unplugged and Oriol Riera failed a new clear chance.

A division between normal starters and substitutes has been noticed and Víctor should be worried, because he will need the players with less minutes throughout the season and especially in some specific moments, like in December with the team starting to compete in Copa Del Rey.



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