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20 Oct 2015
The coach and the players hailed the reaction of the team and, despite the poor game, were also content with their performance. Valverde believes that the result was fair for both teams.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was saying that he was content with the performance of Deportivo, “I believe it was a game as we expected: equal, with a lot of dispute and with alternatives throughout the ninety minutes. Evidently, from our view, we were aware that we were meeting a team with quality players. We are content because the team behaved in the whole game, it competed for ninety minutes.”

“We came back from the first goal, we had several chances before the break, with two shots that hit the posts by Luis Alberto and the team never lost the idea of the match that we had planned. It was clear that it was going to be tough in the aerial game, in the first part we abused of the direct game, but we still had the capacity to combine and arrive. We reduced the stats of Athletic, they had two shots and scored twice. We had sixteen shots, hit the post twice and we are content. And despite the hit of the second goal we had faith. It is a point and we could have even picked the three.” He added

The Madrilenian coach didn’t complain about the play of the first goal by Athletic, “There could be foul or not, but there’s nothing to reproach by our side. The situations to throw the ball out are there, but this is a contact sport. We were left with one less player and the rival took advantage of it. Logically the players were angered and protested.”

Finally, Víctor didn’t want to admit that he was wrong with the staring eleven, “Nothing to do about it. We commented to the players that you win, draw or lose during ninety minutes, and we worked during the whole game to get the point. We are content with the starters and with the players that went in. Their second goal came after making two changes and therefore the question has no relevance regarding the result.”

Sidnei Rechel was emphasizing the reaction of the team, “We are happy for tying the game, we were losing and the team made a great job to get the draw. It’s complicate when you are losing 0-2, but we were strong and found the way to tie the game.”

The Brazilian man was close to score the equalizer at the end of the game; he was asked if his arrivals are planned during the trainings, “Those are opportunities that come out during the game, you try to do the best in order to help the team. “

Lucas Pérez was also content with the reaction from the team, “[Athletic] Bilbao have done a great game. I believe they did good and bottled us in the first half. In the second we pressed and lived our best moments, for this reason the team reacted. I scored the first goal, Arribas the second and we are leaving content with the reaction of the team.”

The Galician attacker was also commenting the play of his great goal, “I saw that Juanfran was coming in order to release the shot and the only thing I tried was to get in the middle and deflect the ball, but it hit me in the heel and the only thing I thought was to shot and it went in. I’m very happy for the goal as it helped us to continue in the fight.”

The other scorer in the game, Alejandro Arribas, was also commenting the play of his goal, “The game as complicated with the 0-2, but the team tried until the end and we had a reward through the equalizer. Fede made the cross and I hit the ball then it hit a rival.”

He was saying that the result was good for Deportivo, “The team had several opportunities, we hit the woodwork twice, we had more chances than the rival, but since the game was complicated we are leaving satisfied with the result. The feelings of the team were great and it was a good result taking in mind how things were.”

At Athletic Club, coach Ernesto Valverde believes that the result was fair despite they were winning 0-2 by minute 80, “I see the result as fair despite we feel screwed for how it happened, because we were 0-2, but they pressed a lot and ended locked us and in the end it was a matter to see them succeeding or to see us guessing right in a counterattack. We were too close to our area.”

“When you left the rival approach your area then you are at the mercy of their aim and the individual quality of their players and also of your aim in the counterattack. We must valorize their push, because they were going in with their centre-backs running until ten meters from our area and with the side defenders joining the attacks.” He added.



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