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24 Oct 2015
Depor’s coach spent some time explaining the situation with Luisinho and Juan Dominguez, while Malaga’s coach asks hi teams to seize the scoring chances after failing to net a goal in 7 of the 8 matches played so far.

Javier Gracia Carlos is a former player that’s trying to earn a name at the elite of Spanish football. He began his phase as a coach in 2006 after a career of 430 games between Primera and Segunda in clubs like Real Sociedad and Villarreal CF.

Among the clubs that he coached were Pontevedra CF and Cádiz CF, but it was at UD Almeria were he shone after clinching the promotion to Primera during the campaign 2012/13. He didn’t continue as his contract wasn’t renewed, but was hired by CA Osasuna. The Navarran man missed to clinch the permanence with the club from his hometown and landed on last season at Malaga CF. This is his second confrontation with Víctor Sánchez del Amo after the 1-1 draw at La Rosaleda at the end of the past liga tournament.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He talked to reporters for 22 minutes. He started talking of the problems at the goal, “For the moment it is our weak point, the injuries, but well, it is a circumstance. Manu has issues on the adductor muscle. He was rested yesterday and today so he can be in the best possible form tomorrow. We have to see how he evolves. In the case of German [Lux], he had issues on last week and evolved well, so he has no problems to be in the roster. As always we travel with three keepers, David [Domínguez] is coming with us in order to be prepared.”

About the situation with Fabricio, the Madrilenian man said that, “About the evolution of the injured players, each individual has his own pace. No matter there’s a standard, each player has a pace. The daily work marks the recovery time. We just try to be careful. We had the situation with Fabricio in which he stepped into a part of the field that was bad and it hurt a little the section of the knee that was still healing. It moved us to be more careful. We aren’t hurried as we aren’t playing with the health of the players.”

Asked about the situation at Málaga, the coach warned about their need, “Málaga is a complicate game, because a team in need is forced to add. We are waiting for a team that wants to react. We preview a team trying to react, because they have an important level with a coaching staff that knows how to work. For me they have been affected by a factor that’s usual on these days: year after year new players need to adapt, something that already happened to us. The work done from the previous year, the base, needs time for the new ones and this time ends affecting you. It’s a team affected by this factor. They need time to understand what the coach wants.”

Then Víctor was asked about the situation with Luisinho, who is out for the third straight opportunity, “Right now all the decisions are tactical in terms of preparing the game. I understand all the debates with the fans, but in our internal debate we manage all the information, and the roster is made with all this information. Information related to their physical condition, tactical and physiological. We are satisfied with the performance of all the players, including Luisinho, but we have to make decisions understanding that there are circumstances marking the decisions for each game.”

Later the same question was made related to Juan Domínguez, who is passing from been a starter to be at the stand, “Modern football has these situations. It not only happens to Deportivo, but to others clubs with large squads. There are rotations that are for the good of the team, it has nothing to do with the performance in the games. I insist, I have no complaints with any player. You can be a starter and later end out of the roster. The competiveness inside the team and the tiredness provokes the rotations. “

About the presence of Jonás Gutiérrez, he said that, “We understand that this is the best roster for the game at Málaga. This was made taking in mind the competiveness during the week. With 26 players it is difficult to be fair and reward the work done by all the players. It’s impossible, because the rules say it should be 18 players and we have 26, so 8 must stay out and all of them are working hard. What I see is a competence and we must search for alternatives for the bench. I see that he’s ready to add things to the team and take part of the roster. That’s the reason why he is there.”

He wasn’t giving importance to the fact that, statistically, Depor is a better team playing on the road than at the Riazor and also to the stat that Málaga has only scored in one game, “The statistics are interesting, but we need criterion. We think it is important but until certain point, because we try to increase the strong points and reduce the weaknesses, because we have lost points playing very good games.  No matter the statistics, we always prepare the games waiting for the best version from the rival, because if not, then it will be an error. We are trying to work in order to increase our goal opportunities and reduce the effectiveness of the rival, that’s the important statistic for us.”

Finally, Víctor was warning about lowering the arms after the good start to the season, “Despite the current situation at the standings we cannot lose the humility, because if not the problems will come. Each matchday means three points, there are three at La Rosaleda. We try to win all the games, at home or away. “

Malaga’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He is optimistic despite the current situation of the team, "We are ready to play tomorrow and try to have a good game, earn points and improve our situation. The responsibility of my job requires me to seek alternative players or game systems, and try to get the best performance from the available players. I am not a supporter of great revolutions, because I trust in what we are doing from day one. Injuries? I'm not going to complain about those who are not with us, I trust in the ones we have. "

The Navarran man is conscious that Málaga need to seize their scoring opportunities after the poor scoring record on this season, "We have to find the way to needed opportunities to win games. In set-pieces we have many things to improve, especially the launch, which is the origin of everything. We will seek alternatives and try to improve, and we must be convinced that each opportunity is a goal. "

About the game with Depor, Gracia commented that "It's a very important game for us and we have to do things right to get the three points. All matches are very complicated, but we have already faced teams from the top of the table and we played with a very high level. But the next game is more important. Depor? They have a great counterattack, the team seizes the rival’s losses and is a team that goes out with speed. It’s a team that’s doing well and that’s receiving a prize for those things that were done well. " 




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