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26 Oct 2015
The coach and the players were aware that Deportivo played a bad game at La Rosaleda, Víctor Sánchez even said that this was the worst game in this start to the season.

Coach Víctor Sánchez admitted that it was the worst game of Depor on this season, “Without doubt it was our weakest game, the first thing we must do is to congratulate the rival, because they beat us in every aspect of the game and then we must analyze the things that, unfortunately, we did wrong, both in defense and attack, then prepare the next game.”

He later explained what failed, “In the first half we tried to advance the lines and it was hard for us, because we gave too many spaces between the lines. We faced many problems and tried to correct it throughout the game, but it was hard to us and we never had a superiority in the game. We had the possession and had arrivals, but truly without clear opportunities. The game was in that little window in a set-piece that allowed them to claim the lead and manage the game.”

 “That situation of the distance between the lines affected us and it was hard to create two or three straight passes, which didn’t allow us to create danger through the counterattack or the organized attack. Nothing more. When it isn’t your day… what I told you it’s a matter of preparing the next game.” He added.

The Madrilenian denied once again there’s euphoria at the team for the past results, “Within the changing room both feet have been on the ground and will stay there, those situations of euphoria, optimism and big expectations are external. It’s logical that the fans are hopeful regarding the situation of the team. But we are clear that the goal is the permanence and will try going game after game to achieve the points and approach the goal as soon as possible.”

Finally, Víctor stated that he wasn’t surprised with the performance of Málaga CF, “All the teams in Spanish football cane beat anyone; all the teams are able to do it. They have good players and it’s a matter of time to see them reaching a proper level. The game was decided in a set-piece.”

Alejandro Arribas was saying that the first goal was the key that defined the match, “I believe the game changed after their goal, in the first part we had the chance of Oriol. In their first goal the referee whistled a foul and they didn’t create clear opportunities “

The Madrilenian defender didn’t give importance to the fact of losing the first away game, “This has just started. When you lose then a five turns to be a three. It is like this, when you lose you see everything black. The team worked as always and we can only keep working. We only look at the points we have and must continue working in order to add more.”

Fayçal Fajr was saying that Depor had a bad day at La Rosaleda, “We started badly, and we must remember that we cannot always win or tie the games. Today was a bad day and we must continue working, now we face a nice challenge on Friday against Atlético.”

“We always enter the field in order to win, but this time we didn’t do the same work. The true is that we only had a few opportunities to score. But we must remember that in the first half we had the chance of Oriol and if we would have scored then the game would have changed.” He added.

German Lux was feeling sorry for the performance of the team, “The true is that we came with the hope of doing a nice work and the follow the path that we had, expecting the anxiety of Málaga for only having a few points, but we also knew that Malaga could be upper at the standings. We were hoping to play with that anxiety, but the team never felt comfortable.”

“They neither had clear chances. Málaga released a lot of crosses and maybe they weren’t precise to define, the true is that we cannot do anything now and can only continue working. We came having a good streak on the road and must move forward, now we face a complicate game and must continue working. Nothing worked for us.” The Argentine goalie added.

Fede Cartabia was also conscious of the poor performance of the team and commented that, “Sad defeat for us, the team didn’t match the required level in the game and we must learn from these errors in order to keep improving.”

At Málaga CF, coach Javi Gracia was celebrating the second victory of his team during this season, “This win is very important in terms of points and regarding our confidence and the prestige of the players. We must be demanding from ourselves and improve a lot of things. In the situation that we are facing we must have the vision of improving.”

About Deportivo, the Navarran manager said that, “They are making a solid season, in terms of points and game, because they have combinative game and set-pieces. They have a lot of virtues, though today they were a rival under control, they didn’t match their level and that’s also a virtue of the rival they were facing.”



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